Two studies demonstrated that milling olive leaves with the olives improved the oil’s sensory attributes in industrial and small-scale experiments.

Maintaining the quality and safety of Australian food and fibre products for domestic and export markets is paramount.

Characteristics of oil-olives, olive oil pomace and olive oil mill wastewater to calculate approximate processing yield and to define parameters for identifying most suitable harvest time.

Oleocanthal is described as the major EVOO phenolic compound with functional and health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, chemotherapeutic, neuroprotective, and antirheumatic.

A description of compounds responsible for evoo's unique flavour and aroma, factors affecting these, mechanism that lead to the degradation of evoo, how flavours can be altered during shelf-life, and strategies for preservation of flavour.

The European Commission recently released a Final Report Evaluation support study on Geographical Indications and Traditional Specialities Guaranteed Protected in the EU.

What makes EVOO valuable, compared to other vegetable oils, is its unparalleled taste combined with its high nutritional value.

Phenolic compounds of EVOO, in particular, secoiridoids, are minor components that have generated special interest due to their positive effects on human health, supported by several clinical trials.

A collection of state-of-the-art articles and reviews on the latest developments in multisensory packaging design.

Register your trade mark prior to doing business – or risk losing your right to register and use it in China, writes Dr Chris Vindurampulle, Senior Associate, Patent & Trade Marks Attorney, Watermark.

New Technologies Can Protect Your Brand and Secure Your Supply Chain

A Rutgers-led team has discovered how plants harness microbes in soil to get nutrients, a process that could be exploited to boost crop growth, fight weeds and slash the use of polluting fertilizers and herbicides.

Provenance oils are unique extra virgin olive oils produced within a specific geographical region.

Insight into the incredible opportunity for Australian agriculture in China.

An Investigation into the Feasibility of Creating a Geographical Origin System Resulting in Greater Co-operation and Profitability of Australian Olive Oil Growers.

Information and guides to help your business to comply with the new Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016, effective as of 1 July.

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Olives and Olive Oil as Functional Foods

Artisanal handcrafted ceramic olive oil bottles now available in Australia.

This book provides an introduction to the genetics, genomics, and breeding of the olive tree.

An interview with Professor Dennis Fiorini on her latest research at the University of Camerino in Italy.

The Future of Food themed AIFST Convention recently held in Sydney, explored cutting edge science, emerging technologies and leading innovations set to enhance and drive the Australian food industry forward for decades.

CSIRO Futures worked with industry and researchers to identify major growth opportunities and what the food and agribusiness sector needs to do to achieve them.

China’s overall economic growth is slowing, but the Chinese consumer economy is still massive in absolute terms and poised for increasing growth.

It is unwise to be overly thrifty when choosing what olive oil to buy. Rather than the apparently lower price, one should consider the best quality-price ratio and the flavouring efficiency of the oil.

A unique project to investigate the feasibility of creating a designation of origin system resulting in greater cooperation and profitability for Australian olive oil farmers, heralds a new opportunity for the Australian olive industry.

It's no longer thinkable to grow crops without irrigation, but interventions must be as efficient and precise as possible.

Xylella fastidiosa & OQDS: A Serious Worldwide Challenge for the Safeguard of Olive Trees

Award winning producers at Azienda del Carmine have combined olive oil with a creative design in art inspired packaging, called La Magia, The Magic.

The Free Trade Agreement Portal is an Australian Government initiative to help business to seize export opportunities China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile and United States.

To encourage and support industry to meet the required standards for gaining access into China for Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Horticulture Innovation Australia has launched The Olive Industry Export Handbook (OL14003).

Scientists at the University of Jaén (UJA) have manufactured bricks composed mainly of olive and pine pruning ashes which have a higher porosity and lower thermal conductivity compared to traditional clay.

This Project investigated whether the chemical composition of oil, or technology, could be used to predict smoke point.

Greek entrepreneurs are behind OLEO, designed to be taken as a nutritional supplement for its health benefits.

Precision agriculture and wi-fi connections to save olive trees.

Collection of various presentations about the production and quality of the two most important olive tree products: extra virgin olive oil and table olives.

The future of farming will rely on easy-to-use tools that give farmers quick, easy access to a variety of information.

Dr. Jonathan Claussen, assistant professor at Iowa State University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, and his team of researchers have created a flexible, low cost and disposable biosensor that can detect pesticides in soil.

Through the boughs of olive trees, bending under the weight of their fruits, visitors to Spain, Italy, and Croatia can experience the harvest that has kept these nations alive and healthy for generations.

Aristotelis Azariadis is in the midst of an investigation of the effect of salinity and drought stress on four different olive cultivars, aiming to determine whether olive trees can be grown where we think they can’t survive.

The Olive Centre is conducting an independent industry wide survey on the Australian Olive Industry. The initiative, which is well overdue for the industry, is available online and will close at midnight on Thursday 24 November.

Olive oil exerts direct effects on molecules in the body that alter human gene expression and metabolic function.

Oz-Town, a Campaign Partner of Australian Made, will ramp up its presence in China by opening a fresh retail outlet with the Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo, giving Chinese consumers even more access to genuine Aussie products.

Stellenbosch may not be the first place on the list when thinking of world-class olive oil, but at Tokara wine farm, you will find a boutique style production plant producing award winning extra virgin olive oils.

A study published in the Journal of Food Science demonstrates the potential of using near-infrared spectroscopy to screen extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) for authenticity.

This multi-year project examines a number of potential treatments to prevent olive knot in California olive orchards.

Veronafiere in collaboration with the Victorian Government, presented the III Edition of Sol D’Oro Southern Hemisphere Competition in Melbourne.

The mill, discovered during the construction of a local road, was in use from the 2nd to the 6th centuries AD.

The plethora of protective health benefits of the MeD including improved lipid profile and reduced inflammation has been linked largely to the high levels of fatty acid content found in EVOO.

According to PlantVillage co-creator Dr David Hughes, PlantVillage provides access to a computerized plant diagnostic system that boasts an algorithm capable of diagnosing 26 diseases in 14 crops with 99% accuracy.

The Academy will be led by Chef Daniel Garcia Peinado, and a group of scientists, doctors, chefs, dieticians and olive oil experts from around the world.

Olive Industry Network to sponsor the Inaugural Best Oil of Provenance, at the revamped 2016 Royal Adelaide Olive Awards competition.

Portuguese researcher, José Luis Penetra Cerveira Lousada, along with his research team at the University of Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, has patented a formula that certifies the age of olive and chestnut trees.

Ask a Chinese consumer about shopping, and 45% will instinctively think about doing it online. A typical online shopper in China shops online three times more frequently than the global average according to PWC research.

Various studies show olive oil is beneficial for infection and infectious diseases having antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial effects.

Here are some articles about selling, marketing and exporting your extra virgin olive oil products to China for your perusal.

In the future, automated robots much like this prototype will be dispatched to water, fertilize, and weed fields.

Who said an olive oil mill could not be spectacular?

Describes the current phytopathological problems in olives, including in the light of climate change. Focuses on newly emerging threats, and on the latest eco-sustainable integrated protection strategies.

Materials scientists and researchers at ETH Zurich have developed an innovative way to spin high-performance polyethylene fibers from natural fats, such as oils from olives and peanuts.

Puglia produces around 40% of Italy’s olive oil. The region includes over 60 million olive trees. It serves too as one of the country’s economic leaders in olive oil export.

The award-winning producer has developed a new labeling system that helps keep EVOO at the ideal temperature to maintain quality.

Terminology to describe and identify the aroma and taste of olive oil by Australia's leading olive oil sensory research scientist and international olive oil judge, Dr Richard Gawel.

How to win awards by tasting, blending and choosing award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

The growing demand for olive oil related tourism has found that the best attractions are olive groves and olive oil routes.

Discover the aromas of olive oil with these cobalt blue seamless hand blown glasses Designed for the organoleptic analysis of olive oil and detecting faults in olive oil. For olive oil lovers, tasters and judges.

Governments, researchers and a range of professional assoc have focused on the small business sector, primarily from an economic and policy setting perspective. This focus recognises the important role small businesses play in the Australian economy.

Once a year, Gino Haddad picks a tiny portion of olives from his groves in the Rihaneh segment of Lebanon. Any collection goes from margin to cold-press within 6 hours of selection, ensuring the finest quality of olive oil from the grove.

A four-part series on dealing with common Chinese negotiation tactics, by Dan Harris of international law firm Harris Moure.

A high quality product is the first and foremost requirement. This will be the foundation for your successful brand.

In May a group of international olive oil experts from the world of science, academia, gastronomy and media gathered for a conference to establish the non-profit Oleocanthal International Society (OIS).

The first kitchen top olive oil press, the Olive X Press, by Stratus Investments was recently revealed at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, Illinois.

The Government has proposed to expand accelerated depreciation by allowing small businesses with an aggregated annual turnover of less than $2 million to immediately deduct each asset that cost less than $20,000.

A consortium formed by an Asian investment fund, the Chinese government and countless farmers, has launched a pilot operation which consists on planting 1,000ha of olive trees each year up to a total of 20,000ha.

Identifying genetic markers in particular olive subspecies will be a key step toward advancing the quality and marketability of the region’s age-old table oil, according to an Israeli industry veteran.

A four-part series on dealing with common Chinese negotiation tactics, by Dan Harris of international law firm Harris Moure.

This Report focuses on studies examining the effect of olive oil on blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) and lipoproteins (LDL, VLDL, and HDL).

A Kickstarter Campaign aims to map Greece’s threatened olive groves.

All edible fats primarily comprise of fat molecules which in turn are made up of fatty acids.

In a report conducted by the UC Davis Olive Oil Center, it was found that more than 65% of the extra virgin olive oil on shelves around the US is defective due to poor handling or deliberate adulteration with extraneous, non-beneficial oils.

Olive oil tasting bars may have originated in Europe, but their presence in the US has been expanding rapidly over the past several years.

Developers in Israel have created a pocket-sized sensor that uses infrared technology to determine the ripeness and nutritional information of fruits and vegetables.

When it comes to water, some plants are picky drinkers.

Scientists in Valencia have developed a new use for leftover olive stones – in sound barriers such as those used to reduce rail and road noise.

An invaluable resource for olive oil scientists, product development and marketing personnel on the role of sensory evaluation in relation to current and future market trends.

In many parts of the world, including Morocco, Italy, Spain, France, Lebanon and Syria, olives are staple foods found on every table.