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Olive Oil Tasting Glasses


Olive Oil Tasting Glasses

Discover the aromas of olive oil with these cobalt blue seamless hand blown glasses 

Designed for the organoleptic analysis of olive oil and detecting faults in olive oil.

For olive oil lovers, tasters and judges.



Stemless and seamless, the hand blown glass fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to warm the oil and release aromas and odours

A steady base that prevents the glass from tilting and oil spills

A narrow mouth which helps to concentrate and identify aromas and odours

Cobalt blue glass masks the colour of the oil preventing preconceived assumptions by tasters


Made according to Standard IOOC/T.20/Doc.n15/Rev.1  


Quantity & Price

1 - 6 glasses is $18.00 per glass

7 plus is $15.00 per glass


Postage at cost

We only deliver within Australia