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Europe's Olive Oil Exports on Record-Breaking Pace
European Union olive oil export volumes are on pace to reach a new record in the 2019-20 crop year, according to the Director General of Agriculture and Rural Development’s short-term market outlook report for autumn 2020.
Rising Adversity in Olive Oil Sector Gives Rise to New ‘Olive Council’ in Córdoba
The evolving nature of the olive oil market, persistently low prices, and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have fueled the formation of a new organization in the Spanish province of Córdoba.
Researchers Test New Olive Varieties to Improve Sustainability
A team in Andalusia is testing a hedge cultivation system that could be more profitable for growers and sustainable for the environment.
Survey on the Australian Olive Industry Reveals a Striving Industry in Need of a New Focus
A groundbreaking independent survey on the Australian olive industry was recently conducted by The Olive Centre (TOC), a leading supplier of equipment and machinery, events, and professional advice to the olive industry in Australia.
Feral Deer 'Cultivating' Olive Trees in Adelaide Hills as the Pest Plant Strangles Native Vegetation
Conservationists say feral deer are "cultivating" the growth of olive trees in the Adelaide Hills, prompting a warning from the Country Fire Service (CFS) about the fire danger posed by the highly combustible pest plant.
EU Olive Oil Production Expected to Hit 5 Year High
Olive oil production is expected to rebound in the European Union in the 2020-21 crop year, reaching 2.3 million tons, according to a short-term agri-food outlook report published by the EU.
China's Appetite for Olive Oil Slowly Growing as Eating Habits Change
Growing olive trees began in the country on a large scale in the 1960s, but China lacks the favorable climate conditions to allow groves to flourish
Traceability Program to Build Trust in Australia’s Food Supply Chains
Australia’s food safety systems will be strengthened by the delivery of a new national implementation program to help track and trace food products from farm to fork in domestic and export markets.
Trade Group Petitions FDA for Olive Oil Standard of Identity
The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), a trade group, has filed a citizen petition with the United States Food and Drug Administration asking the agency to create a standard of identity (SOI) for olive oil and olive-pomace oils.
Australian Representative Appointed to New International Industry Organisation ~ Women in Olive Oil
Amanda Bailey, managing director of The Olive Centre and chief executive of the Queensland Olive Council, has been appointed the Australian Leader for Women in Olive Oil, an international organisation for women in the olive oil industry.
Xylella Update: Spread Continues in Southern Italy Amid Calls for Swift Action
With the bacteria spreading beyond predictability, an evolving patchwork of strategies aim to identify and contain outbreaks.
EIP-AGRI Focus Group Pests and Diseases of the Olive Tree: Final report
EU report on olive tree pathogens and parasites affecting and threatening olive production, and the principles farmers are using to protect their olive groves.
European Geographical Indicators Valued at More Than $80 Billion
A study from the European Commission found that extra virgin olive oils make up US$326 million of the total value of European geographical indicators. PDO and PGI oils from Spain and Italy account for nearly 40 percent of that amount.
Active and Intelligent Packaging = Longer Shelf Life
Discover two types of smart packaging that are increasing shelf life and communicating directly to consumers - intelligent and active packaging.
Doubling Olive Yields Possible — Research
New Zealand olive yields can be more than doubled by using fruit tree management techniques instead of more traditional methods.
Consumers Reject EVOO Bitterness, Study Finds
Most consumers do not like bitterness in their extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and they perceive the intensity of that taste much more than experts do, according to a new study.
Australian Consumers are Increasingly Demanding with the EVOO They Buy
The consumption of olive oil has increased in the last 20 years in Australia mainly due to the increasing popularity of Mediterranean cuisine and the the health benefits of this product, which is present in approximately 65% of households.
Australian Producers Making Do Despite Bush Fires, Record Drought
In spite of a record drought and devastating bush fires, some large Australian producers are expecting close to an average production and high-quality oils in 2020.
Navigating the Changing World
More than 45 years ago, GS1 triggered the product identification digital revolution through the barcode. Today, it has the tools to support the value chain trends of tomorrow.
Obsessed with Olive Oil
Interview with Fil Bucchino on his film about EVOO and the passionate artisans that bring it to your table.
Where the World's Olives Live Side by Side
From a distance, this olive grove on the outskirts of Córdoba looks just like any other field. But it is home for more than 1,000 olive cultivars from 29 countries, from Iran to the Americas, passing through all of the Mediterranean Basin.
Drought, Not Fire, Remains the Bane of Australian Olive Growers
Australia's olive growers have mostly been spared from the wildfires that have been ravaging the country. Persistent drought, however, continues to cause concern.
New Chemical Approach to Compromised EVOO
UC Davis researchers have developed a more rapid and cost-effective process to determine the reliability of a product bottled with an extra virgin olive oil label.
Conference on Xylella fastidiosa 2019 : Presentations & Proceedings
Around 350 plant health specialists from around the world gathered in Corsica for two days of intensive discussions on how science can help find solutions to Xylella fastidiosa - here are their presentations.
EVOO is Health: The 20 Discoveries made in 2019 about the Health Benefits of EVOO
An overview of major research projects published throughout 2019 finding that extra virgin olive oil is a powerful ally for good health.
Geographical Indications for Food, Wine & Spirit Drinks in EU Now Available on New Public Database
Launched in April 2019, the public database 'eAmbrosia - the EU Geographical Indications registers' now includes geographical indications (GI) for agri-food products, wine and spirit drinks registered and protected in the European Union.
Olive Oil Quality & Authenticity: Current EU Legislation, Standards, Methods of Analyses
A review of current EU legislation, standards, relevant methods of analyses, their drawbacks and recommendations for the future. Normative and standard sources for olive oil quality and purity: a global framework.
Brands Come Alive with AR Packaging
Every product manager is fighting the war-on-the-shelf these days and packaging is an extremely important aspect of retailing.
The Sustainability of Olive Orchard Planting Management for Different Harvesting Techniques
Olive harvesting methods were assessed to identify the more sustainable solutions.
Potential of Olive Oil Tourism in Promoting Local Quality Food Products
Oleotourism offers activities based on olive groves, their history, olives and olive oil.
New Zealand Growers More than Double Olive Production with New Techniques
Olive growers have more than doubled production after trials using new techniques, which could see the local share of the olive oil market grow to 20 percent.
European Commission Approves Private Storage Aid for Olive Oil Sector
The European Commission has approved private storage aid for olive oil in the EU.The scheme should help alleviate the market imbalance between supply and demand, and stabilise prices.
Research Tool Helps Validate Efficacy of Functional Foods
Developed by researchers in Germany and Australia, the Fraunhofer-Monash work flow tool identifies bioactive compounds and degradation products in food from processing through consumption to assist in the formulation of healthier and safer products.
Australian Harvest, Olive & Oil Production, Import, Export Figures to 2019
The renaissance of the Australian olive industry is entering its second decade. During the last 10 years, the Australian industry has grown solidly from a cottage industry to a technically sophisticated industry that is increasingly export focussed.
The World’s Commercial Olive Groves Are Shrinking
The shift to super-intensive cultivation, low prices for olives and olive oil, and the surplus on the international market were identified as factors that led to the reversal of a decades-long trend.
Overview of Olive Oil Production in the European Union
The European Union is the leading producer, consumer and exporter of olive oil. Since 2013, on average the EU produced 68.4%, consumed 54.2% and exported 66.9% of the world’s olive oil.
Plant Health: EU Prioritises 20 Pests
The EU Commission lists 20 priority pests presenting the most serious economic, environmental and social impact on agriculture and forestry.
How To Survive an Increasingly Difficult China
China has become far more difficult for foreign companies. It is what we have been calling the New Normal. This New Normal extends to all foreign companies that do business in or with China.
Turn Your Smartphone into a Microscope
Australian researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) have developed a 3D printable clip-on that can turn any smartphone into a fully functional microscope.
Better Harvests Predicted in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia
A European Commission report predicts a three-percent increase in olive oil production in the EU due to reduced pest activity and some countries entering an on-year.
Effects of Different Organic Wastes on Soil Biochemical Properties and Yield in an Olive Grove
The research project looked at the effect of municipal solid waste, sheep manure, and green forage vermicomposts, applied during 5 consecutive years to a calcaric Cambisol soil located near Córdoba, Spain.
New Trade Barriers Register to Help Exporters Untangle Red Tape
Red tape, unnecessary technical regulations, opaque standards and discriminatory practices hurt Australian exporters’ ability to compete in global markets.
Farm2Market Launches Fresh Food Delivery Service
Farm2Market founder, Jordan Pearce, said the service allows local farmers and food suppliers to sell online in a cheaper way.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Misses Out on Health Star Upgrade
Olive oil is getting short-changed within Australia's Health Star Rating (HSR) system despite a five year review of the program.
Using Resins to Debitter Olives May Be Eco-Friendly Alternative
Amberlite resins present a possible environmentally-friendly solution to removing bitterness from olives, reducing wastewater and chemicals used in commercially-employed methods.
Deoleo Takes Steps to Promote Sustainable Olive Oil Production
Spanish olive oil processing firm Deoleo has signed an agreement with some of the country’s leading cooperatives in an effort to achieve 100% sustainability for 80% of its olive oil by 2023, World Grain reported on 12 June.
Harmonized protocol for monitoring & detection of X.fastidiosa in its host plants & vectors
The Euphresco network has released the final Report now available for your perusal.
Oomami to Bring Farmers’ Market Experience Online
Alex Stefan , founder of Oomami, the world’s first social-marketplace for small food producers, aims to bring the farmers’ market experience online for consumers to source groceries direct from producers.
The Olive (Olea europaea L.) Industry in China: its Status, Opportunities and Challenges
This unique study aims to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the Chinese olive industry.
DIY Olive Oil Production Could Be Coming to Your Kitchen
The device would allow users to add crushed olives into a compartment at the top of the Olimaker and produce their own olive oil at home within 30 minutes.
A Pressing Matter
Barfold Olives and 3000 Acres have teamed up to turn unloved urban olives into oil.
Olive Growers Face Challenging Season with Limited Water Supply, Heat
Multiple hot spells with day temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius, and little to no seasonal rainfall, are just some of the challenges olive producers have had to battle this season.
Oregon Project Aims to Promote Olive Oil Sector
Local growers and researchers from Oregon State University are teaming up to solve some of the biggest problems facing the state's fledgling sector.
Use of Fungus Found Effective Against Carriers of Xylella
The preliminary results of a field trial show that the Beauveria bassiana fungus reduced the number of meadow spittle bugs, which carry Xylella fastidiosa, by 80 percent.
The Give and Take of French Cultivars
Local olive varieties and France are known for their sensory qualities, if not for their yields.
Processing for Quality
Many processing factors affect the quality of olive oil including harvesting and transport conditions, crushing speed, sieve grid size, malaxation time and temperature and storage conditions.
Egypt Plans to Plant 100 Million Olive Trees by 2022
Egypt recently announced an ambitious plan to plant 100 million olive trees by 2022, as the country imports 98% of its olive oil needs.
Analysis of the Situation of Olive Oil Prices in Spain: Causes, Solutions and Forecasts
To understand the low prices in the olive oil market, we sought the opinion of some producers, experts and operators in the sector, in order to address the causes and possible solutions to this situation.
UN Issues New Standards to Curb Spread of Xylella
Updated fumigation standards, new ground rules for international trade in agricultural products and the development of new technologies to screen plants and plant products for diseases were among the standards approved by the body.
2019 Westpac Australia-China Business Sentiment Survey
The 2019 Westpac Australia-China Business Sentiment Survey is a barometer of Australian business sentiment in China. Companies investing in China oriented innovation experiencing 32% more profitable than those not tailoring to the market.
Environmentally Friendly Bioplastics Created From Olive Seeds
Young entrepreneurs in Istanbul have come up with a way to turn olive seeds into environmentally friendly bioplastics.
How to Succeed in Marketplaces
Becoming 'customer obsessed' and adhering to three key value points is essential to succeed in marketplaces, an Amazon executive told the New Retail 19 conference.
Strong Support for Olive Oil 5-Star Health Rating
Public health experts and Woolworths have spoken out in support of a 5-star health rating for olive oil.
Australian Laboratory Loses International Accreditation for Sensory Testing
The only tasting panel in Australasia trained in International Olive Council (IOC) procedures which has been used to certify olive oils as extra virgin has not been recognised by the international body in 2019.
Europe Steps up Fight to Stop Deadly Olive Tree Disease
Just under five years ago olive oil producers in Italy and other southern Europe countries started to notice that some of their olive trees were dying.
Cemetery Plots Move into Olive Oil Business
About 12 dozen bottles of the extra virgin olive oil pressed from olives grown at Adelaide’s oldest graveyard is being prepared for sale in what is believed to be the only commercial release of its kind.
Scientists Develop Eco-friendlier Way of Making Olives Palatable
When freshly-picked, they contain bitter-tasting chemical compounds that have to be removed via an environmentally-iffy process. According to a new study, however, there could be a greener alternative.
New Recognition in India to Help Australian Exporters Soar
An Australian Made Campaign logo is now registered as a trademark in India, which allows Australian exporters to have a registered symbol that can be used on locally made or grown exports into India.
Australia’s Most Threatening Plant Disease Targeted
Australia will be better prepared for plant disease outbreaks with the appointment of a national coordinator to lead a three-year program to improve readiness for the potential incursion of the devastating Xylella fastidiosa.
New Device Detects Adulteration Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
The sensor uses a combination of laser diodes and computer-constructed algorithms to measure light emissions from samples of olive oils to determine whether they are correctly labeled.
An Innovative Anti-Theft System for Olive Groves
An inexpensive security system uses fake olives with microchips to help olive growers prevent and detect thefts, an increasing concern in the sector.
This Mill Makes 200 Tons of Olive Oil. In a Day.
Behind the scenes at Almazara Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the world's largest olive mill.
Artificial Intelligence to Predict the Price of Olive Oil
Diego Hueltes, a Spanish computer engineer from Alcalá la Real, Jaén, has developed three models for predicting the price of olive oil using artificial intelligence.
Australia’s Agricultural Traceability​ Strengthened with New Project
A national traceability project, which will help Australian farmers show the origins and quality of their produce, is underway.
Provenance at a Premium: Trend Transforming Food, Research Says
Provenance and authenticity are driving growth within the food and beverage industry, according to new market research.
How to Keep Your Brand on Supermarket Shelves
2018 has been a tough year for retailers and 2019 doesn’t look to be much easier – but what about the brands supplying these retailers?
Like Wine, Olive Oil has Flavour Differences Depending on Region
New research has found, like wine, Australian olive oil has different flavour profiles and health benefits depending on the region where it's grown.
Phytopathology : Addressing the New Global Threat of Xylella fastidiosa
Xylella fastidiosa is a major threat to plant health worldwide. This journal focuses on key challenges to be overcome to address this new global threat, recent advances in understanding the pathosystem, and steps toward improved disease control.
Leucocarpa, the Dazzling White Olive from Magna Graecia
We asked researchers why the Leucocarpa olive variety is completely white throughout its development cycle.
What to do about Trade Mark Theft in China
Register your trade mark prior to doing business – or risk losing your right to register and use it in China.
Research Examines Functional Ingredients in Olive Pomace
A Spanish research project is evaluating the use of olive pomace paste for the development new health products.
Monash Pours Energy into Clean Water Future
In a world-first initiative, engineers at Monash University have created technology that can transform contaminated water into purified water that is fit for consumption faster and more energy-efficiently than ever before.
AuMake Expanding Online in China through JD Partnership
AuMake International Limited has joined forces with JD Worldwide, a division of Chinese e-commerce giant, to create a new omnichannel platform for Australian and New Zealand brands to reach Chinese customers.
Country of Origin, Brand, Tamper Proof Seals - China Consumer's Most Trusted Measures of Safe Foods
China consumers regard a product’s country of origin, price, brand, and physical prevention measures such as tamper proof seals as the most trusted indicators in identifying authentic and safe foods, a group of researchers found.
Machine Improves Yield in Trial Runs by Hitting Olive Paste with Electricity
A new machine to improve yield fits into the standard olive oil production line, demonstrating that technology has a role in the development of the sector.
OliveCare® Announces New Best-Before Requirements
Australian extra virgin olive oils awarded the OliveCare ® seal will be issued with maximum 18 month best-before dates unless producers pay for extra testing.
Punjab Distributes Nearly Half a Million Olive Saplings to Local Farmers
The Government of Punjab has announced they will provide 473,500 olive saplings free to farmers as part of their five-year project to develop olive groves in the region’s 'Olive Valley.'
Can China Become a Major Olive Oil Producer?
China's growing demand is helping move forward domestic production.
CEO of Largest Olive Oil Company Calls the Sector’s Business Model ‘Broken’
Pierluigi Tosato spoke today to a room representing major importers and said the industry was going about it all wrong.
Olive Oil Production Up More Than 25%, Consumption Edges Higher
The International Olive Council (IOC) released its preliminary data for the 2017-18 harvest season, which indicates increases in production, consumption and imports.
Flying Cameras Can Spot Lethal Disease Sweeping through World's Olive Groves
Fast-spreading Xylella fastidiosa is devastating species from citrus to oak trees, but can now be detected from the air.
Andalusia Pledges Big Investment in Olive Sector
More than €60 million will be provided to farmers and agricultural associations to invest in irrigation infrastructure and new technology.
EU Olive Oil Sales Volumes Decline Despite Rise in Value
Despite growth in value sales, the European olive oil market faced declining volumes last year as consumers focused more on product quality rather than price, a new market study finds.
Research Thirst Drives Olive Oil First
Australian researchers have identified different components in olive oils grown in two mainland states, giving growers new ways to market their product.
Greek Professor, Team Invent Mini Olive-Oil Mill, Quality Tester
The Olive Predictor, helps olive-oil producers determine the best time to harvest their olives to maximize the health benefits of their oil while producing enough quantity.
Importers’ Group Announces New Labelling Rules
The North American Olive Oil Association will require its members to apply two-year best-by dates on labels, ensure that country of origin details are clear, and provide recommendations for storage and usage.
Australia Launches New Country of Origin Food Labelling System
Australia has introduced new country of origin food labelling to provide more clarity for consumers about the source of the food they buy.
Inside Australian Online Shopping
Retailers need to have a consistent offering on one integrated ecosystem across online and in-store in order to effectively compete and grow.
Mediterranean Icon
EU olive producers already dominate the European and global olive oil and table olive markets and their slice of the pie is only poised to grow in the coming years.
Polyphenols ~ Properties, Recovery, and Applications
Polyphenols: Properties, Recovery, and Applications covers polyphenol properties, health effects and new trends in recovery procedures and applications.
Proper Application of Fertilizers May Lead to More Consistent Olive Harvests
A study finds that periodic fertilization with nitrogen, phosphate and potassium decreases the alternate bearing pattern of olive trees.
How Microorganisms Affect the Sensorial Qualities of Olive Oil
Yeasts are among the microorganisms present in olive oil and, depending on their enzymatic activities, they can either improve or damage the oil quality.
Strategic Alliance Between AuMake and Australian Made to Promote More Aussie Products to China
The Australian Made Campaign has formed a strategic alliance with AuMake to promote locally made and grown products to daigou and Chinese tourists.
New SF Express Verification Service Tackles China’s Widespread Counterfeiting
Chinese logistics service provider SF Express has launched its 'SF Certified International Shipping' verification service that verifies packages are being handled by SF Express, from their origin overseas directly to China.
The EU Olive and Olive Oil Sector ~ Features, Challenges and Prospects
Agricultural innovation, price volatility and marketing standards are some of the main challenges facing the the European olive oil sector, according to a report released by the European Union Parliament's Research Service (EPRS).
Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ Australians Love It, but Do We Have Any Taste?
Australians love their olive oil — we went through 40,000 tonnes of the green, yellowy liquid last year. It is a staple in kitchens around the country, but do we really know what quality olive oil tastes like?
XF-ACTORS is the first research project in Europe entirely devoted to research on the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa.
Oleum Project Seeks Better Solutions to Protect Olive Oil Authenticity
OLEUM is a major project that is part of the EU framework program Horizon 2020, conceived with the goal to assure and increase the level of authenticity and quality of olive oil at a global scale.
Olive Oil Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Review 2017-22
According to Fact.MR, the global market for olive oil is expected to grow at moderate pace, procuring revenues worth just over US$11Bn (AU$13.75Bn) towards the end of forecast period, 2017-22.
Making Olive Oil in Sun-Drenched Hot Spot
The islands are practically waterless — reservoirs, a few wells, and some desalination facilities cover the demand. The terrain is harsh and arid, but the locals there manage to grow vegetables, citrus trees, vineyards, and olive trees.
Australian Digital Wholesale Platform Moves into Asian Market
Australian digital fruit and vegetable wholesale market HiveXchange recently ventured into the Asian market.
Monumental Trees of Cyprus Represent Attempt to Create Elite Cultivar
Researchers speculate that early olive growers had grafted native centennial trees with others imported from Greece and Lebanon to selectively breed for desirable traits.
Optimism Abounds in Argentina Olive Sector
Olive oil production is expected to grow by as much as 20 percent by 2019.
What Does the Future Hold for Pitted Olive Oils?
With more producers taking advantage of advances in milling technology, are pitted oils set to become a more common sight on store shelves or are they destined to remain a niche product?
Tunisia Sees Opportunity in Organic Production
Ninety-five percent of Tunisia’s olive groves are tended using traditional practices without the use of any pesticides.
Forget Amazon, Here are Four Chinese E-commerce Businesses with their Eyes on Australia
It’s been a big year for global players eyeing off Australian’s retail sector, but if you think Amazon is the only giant force changing the local market, you’re not looking hard enough.
Kalamata Olives to be Added to Greek National List of Plant Varieties
Officials in Greece want to commercialize the Kalamata name to enhance trade prospects.
China E-Commerce : Resistance is Futile
Earlier this month the PRC National People’s Congress circulated their second discussion draft of their E-commerce Law with some concerning plans further limiting foreign owned brands options for selling online in China.
Small Business Secrets ~ Pukara Estate
Pukara Estate saw an opportunity to diversify their offerings beyond traditional olive oil, and took it.
Olive Tree is Second Non-Ash Species Found Vulnerable to Emerald Ash Borer
Researchers at Wight State University have found that the invasive Emerald Ash Borer poses a threat to olive trees.
World’s Healthiest Olive Oil? The Jury’s Still Out
Boundary Bend claimed in a press release that its California blend was declared the "world's healthiest olive oil" at a competition in Spain. Scientists caution, however, that such a distinction is premature and, at worst, misguided.
Against All Odds: The First Olive Oil From Canada
The very first 100 percent Canadian extra virgin olive oil did not come easy for pioneers George and Sheri Braun.
EU Project Aims to Improve Mediterranean Olive Oil Sector Competitiveness
A new project will develop quality control and production techniques to aid producers while educating consumers about high-phenolic olive oil's health benefits and certifying those health benefits.
Fulfilment by Amazon launches for Australian Businesses
The thousands of businesses registered to sell on Amazon’s Australian Marketplace can now access Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).
California Olive Ranch Gets $35M Investment
COR said it had received the largest investment ever for an American producer that will be used for research, expansion, and the implementation of environmental initiatives.
Study Offers Guidance on How to Protect Olive Trees from Being Ravaged by Deadly Pathogen
Expert ecologists at the UK-based Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) have devised a scientific model which could help predict the spread of the deadly Xylella fastidiosa which is threatening to destroy Europe's olive trees.
Japan Extends Joint Research with Tunisia
A Japan-Tunisia collaboration will continue until 2021 with a focus on the development of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
Company Develops Microbeads From Olive Pomace
A British company's technology has attracted interest from farmers and producers looking for more value from fruit and vegetable waste.
Price Rises and Private Label Drive Up Sales of Olive Oil Across Europe
The success of private label and the impact of price increases across European countries is driving up value sales of olive oil, according to the latest figures from IRI.
Olive Mill Waste: Recent Advances for Sustainable Management
Covers most relevant topics in olive oil industry sustainable management and the potential of processes and products in the market.
Brazil Looks for Its Own Olive
As debate revolves around whether or not Maria da Fé is an olive species unique to Brazil, both traditional mills and technologically advanced machinery have contributed to the increased quality of olive oil here.
When Does Olive Oil Lose Its Virginity?
Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with time. And while many might wonder how long an extra virgin olive oil will stay extra virgin, there are too many moving parts for a simple answer.
Olive Farming in Tunisia
Though endowed with a vast array of varieties that have adapted to its many environmental conditions, Tunisian olive oil production mostly relies on two cultivars: Chemlali and Chetoui.
Lebanese Olive Oil: Exploring Intricacies of a Sector With Potential
Irrevocably known as one of the cradles of olive growing areas, Lebanon’s ancestral heritage of olive trees along with its microclimate and fertile rain-fed soil assembles auspicious conditions for the production of high-quality olive oils.
Olive Oil Traces Dating Back 8,000 Years Found in Israel
Clay sherds uncovered in Lower Galilee may mark oldest evidence for use of oil in entire Middle East.
Olive Tea Manufacturing Plant to Open in India
Rajasthan’s new olive leaf tea plant is a collaboration between the Rajasthan Government and a private company.
How Cold Temperatures Can Help Olive Production
Very low temperatures and snow can have positive effects on olive trees by reducing the olive fruit fly population, containing fungal diseases and aerating the soil.
Could Drones Be the Next Big Thing for the Australian Olive Industry?
With legislation making drone ownership easier and more affordable, many farmers are could find a more effective means of crop monitoring and maintenance.
The Olive Seed, A New Natural 'Super' Ingredient
Pioneering olive company Grupo Elayo is using of the health-enhancing bioactive components found in olive stones to develop new products and applications in the food and cosmetic industries.
Australian Exporters Guide to China’s Online Retail Environment
Australian food and agribusiness exports to China have nearly doubled from 2010 to 2015 to AUD $9 Billion.
Local to Global: Provenance Branding and Farmer Co-operation for High Value Export Markets
New research report examines protection of Australian brands in overseas markets.
New International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives
The new International Agreement on olive oil and table olives, which was adopted by consensus at the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development in Geneva last year, will take effect on 1 January.
Interview with Eryn Balch, NAOOA Executive Vice President
Eryn Balch spent five years with Sovena USA, one of the largest American importers of olive oil, before she joined the Trade Association of Olive Oil Importers, the North American Olive Oil Association, as its executive vice president in 2012.
Scientists Use Forensic Techniques to Gauge Olive Oil Quality, Prevent Fraud
Scientists managed to quantify DNA present in olive oil with the help of breakthrough forensic techniques.
Improvement of Olive Oil Mechanical Extraction: New Technologies, Process Efficiency, and EVOO
Several factors such as the genetic and geographical origin of the olive fruit as well as agronomic practices and technological strategies affect the phenolic content and aromatic profile of EVOO.
Italian Olive Oil Brands Choose Thinfilm’s NFC Technology to Authenticate Products
Thin Film Electronics ASA is integrating its NFC SpeedTap™ tags in the packaging of Italian olive oil brands to enable product authentication, enhance consumer engagement, and fuel online sales.
Cheaper Wild Olive Control Method Shows Promise
A new trial comparing control methods for Wild Olive (Olea europaea) near One Tree Hill in South Australia, suggests that the basal bark spraying method is more efficient than the traditional drill and fill.
Why Family Businesses have Competitive Advantage
Doing business with family can be difficult, but family businesses have unique opportunities compared to other companies – once they have proper structures in place.
New Method for Identifying Olive Cultivars
The identification olive cultivars according to the appearance of leaves and fruit is expected to serve as the basis for a phone app and contributions to a new international olive tree database.
Consumer Perception, Attitudes, Liking and Preferences for Olive Oil
The consumption of olive oil has grown considerably over the past 20 years. For instance, approximately 1.7 million tons of was consumed worldwide in 1990–91 and this increased to approximately 3.1 million tons in 2013–14.
Emerald Ash Borer May Become a Problem for Olive Growers
In October 2014, researchers at Wright State University discovered that an invasive insect called the emerald ash borer (EAB) was attacking white fringetrees (Chionanthus virginicus) in addition to ash trees.
Food Security App Protects Premium Aussie Foods in Asia
Anti-counterfeit and traceability technology is helping to protect the integrity of premium Australian foods in Asia.
The First Zero-Impact Olive Mill to Produce Energy
Giovanni Cassese's designed a system built by Pieralisi that might just be the first completely environmentally sustainable olive mill.
Olive Oil Skincare Oils Up the Asian Market
Olive Oil Skincare started out as a home remedy for psoriasis. Today it turns over $1 million a year, and has Chinese buyers hooked on its beauty & skincare range.
EU Ambassador Pushes for More Regional Branding in Australia
Australians farmers have been urged to introduce more so-called protected regional branding in a bid to mimic moves made by products from Champagne and Cognac in Europe.
Alibaba Expecting Increase in Australian Export Orders with Asia
E-commerce platform Alibaba is anticipating an increase in Australian exporters using its service to help them break into the Asian markets.
Alibaba and Austrade Sign Strategic Collaboration
Alibaba and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) signed a strategic collaboration agreement yesterday at Alibaba’s corporate headquarters in Hangzhou.
 'Godfather' of North Coast Olive Oil Goes International
Widely known as the godfather of California olive oil, Vossen was instrumental in helping a handful of olive-growing pioneers in Wine Country who dreamed of making extra virgin olive oil that would rival the region’s renowned wines.
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