A Focus on Design and Sustainability in Pursuit of Perfect EVOO

Dedication to the land combined with an emphasis on beauty, design, technology and environment serves as the creed of the Cinaglia family.

The family is one half of the force behind Centumbrie. This young but experienced company is flourishing in the verdant hills surrounding Trasimeno Lake, a breathtaking location in the central Italian region of Umbria.

Along with growing 30hectares of olive groves on their 140-hectare estate, the Cinaglia family has a diverse and organic agricultural portfolio, maintaining the native forest and greenhouses while growing wheat, legumes and other types of fruit and raising poultry and cattle.

Along with their focus on high-quality agricultural production, the family has restored its ancient farmhouses to serve as guest accommodations, focusing on ambitious architecture that blends innovation and hospitality.

These efforts, the family emphasized, focus on beauty and design, offering tourists some of the region’s most enchanting views together with a farm-to-table food culinary experience. However, owner Miriam Cinaglia told Olive Oil Times that it did not happen overnight.

“We started by restoring the farmhouses and ancient buildings surrounded by those beautiful olive groves,” she said. “Over time, we teamed up with local young professionals and transformed the olive groves into a high-quality olive oil production project. This is how the Centumbrie company was born.”

One of the first steps of the project was to construct a new mill, which was an architectural and design experiment conceived to allow the olive transformation process to happen in a location shared with a shop and a trendy restaurant.

“The Covid-19 pandemic forced us to suspend our bistro operations,” Cinaglia said. “But visitors can still witness the mission of our company, which is to offer a range of high-quality products from this beautiful territory to our customers.”

Another part of her family’s mission is to emphasize the quality and traceability of everything they offer.

“With Centumbrie, you can count on a short supply chain, local products, extra virgin olive oil processed by the most advanced machinery and recognized professionals,” she said. “It’s a way to let the world appreciate Umbria’s treasures.” More