Survey on the Australian Olive Industry Reveals a Striving Industry in Need of a New Focus

A groundbreaking independent survey on the Australian olive industry was recently conducted by The Olive Centre (TOC), a leading supplier of equipment and machinery, events, and professional advice to the olive industry in Australia.
“This is the first time an independent business has conducted a survey on the olive industry in Australia,” said Amanda Bailey, Director of TOC.
“The objectives of the survey were to ascertain what the various stakeholders in the industry think, identify areas of need, and to focus on the practical use and value of outcomes to stakeholders.“
Mrs Bailey said the survey provided an opportunity for people to provide data and feedback about their business situation and their industry and their opinion on the industry overall.
“This survey was an opportunity for people to actually have a say on issues that are important to them within their olive business and within the industry, “ she said.
“The survey also enabled people to offer their views on the performance of their industry organisations, and the value of direct outcomes to their industry.”
Mrs Bailey said the survey was well received by growers, producers, processors, researchers, and other stakeholders throughout Australia, with a 70% participant response rate. TOC intends to conduct the survey every 5 years to keep people in the industry up to date with trends and developments and enable them to make a valuable contribution to the future direction of the industry.
The survey covered a range of topics regarding the size and operations of olive groves; food products and oleotourism; sales, costs and marketing; and chemical tests, storage and transportation; from small, medium, and large scale olive and olive oil producer companies.
The survey also sought feedback regarding industry information sources and professional associations; government and industry organisations; problems and concerns to the industry; and views of the olive and olive oil market and its future in Australia.
Much of the survey information has been collated and made directly available to view online at Australian Olive Industry ~ Research, Statistics, Information (AOI) website, developed in collaboration with the Olive Industry Network.
Mrs Bailey was also involved in a recent pilot-study on Australian extra virgin olive oil provenance. The report, An Investigation into the Feasibility of Creating a Geographical Origin System Resulting in Greater Co-operation and Profitability of Australian Olive Oil Growers is available at the new AOI website. She also recently conducted COVID-19 Olive Industry Impact Survey, with results also available at AOI.
In May 2020 she was appointed the Australian Representative for the new international olive organization, Women in Olive Oil. Ms Bailey is also the Director of the Queensland Olive Association.