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World Market of Olive Oil and Table Olives - Date for June 2024
Overview of the latest sector statistics, including an update on olive oil prices, trends in international trade in olive oil and table olives, and producer prices for olive oil.
Researchers Transform Olive Grove Waste Into Bioplastic
Researchers from the University of Jaén and the Andaltec Foundation have manufactured plastic suitable for food packaging and industrial uses from olive grove pruning waste.
How Oleuropein Influences Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taste and Health Benefits
Along with oleocanthal and hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein is one of the main polyphenols found in extra virgin olive oil that determines its sensory characteristics and health benefits.
Global Production May Exceed Expectations, but Not Enough to Move Prices
Analysts predict climate change will result in new price dynamics, with high-quality extra virgin olive oil and other market segments behaving differently.
The Role of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids in Olive Oil's Health Benefits
Oleic acid, classified as a monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA), has been extensively studied by scientists over the last decades, consistently demonstrating many positive effects on human health.
Xylella May Not Be Responsible for Olive Tree Devastation in Puglia, Study Finds
The findings could unravel a decade of policy and understanding that Xylella fastidiosa was the leading cause of Olive Quick Decline Syndrome in Puglia.
Australian Olive Growers Begin Harvest With Mixed Expectations
A light crop year is expected to lead to a limited supply and higher prices.
Oleotourism on The Rise in Central California
Riding the wave of the state's post-Covid recovery, olive farms and mills are increasingly popular destinations on California’s Central Coast.
Italian Farmers, Producers Confirm Production Rebound
Olive oil production for the 2023-24 crop year was bolstered by strong harvests in the south.
Olive Oil Producers in Portugal Celebrate Country’s Second-Highest Yield
From the traditional groves in the north to the super-high-density plantations of the south, producers across Portugal overcame winter rain to achieve a bountiful harvest.
Researchers Identify Olive Genes Associated with Fruit Weight
The findings could help growers select the most productive olive varieties. Next, they plan to look for genes associated with polyphenol production.
Sydney’s Olive Odyssey: Celebration of Flavor, Expertise, Unity by International Olive Council
In recent days, a delegation from the International Olive Council arrived in Sydney to present and showcase a series of hosting events in Sydney by featuring a two-day technical tasting workshop.
Olive Oil Production in Europe Expected to Reach 1.5M Tons in 2023-24
Yields are expected to rebound after last year's historic lows. However, rising prices will hamper exports and consumption.
Get Drizzling Australia
Australians are being encouraged to ‘Get Drizzling’ with olive oil in a campaign just launched by the Australian Olive Oil Association (AOOA).
Breakthrough Study Reveals Effective Strategies Against Olive Tree-Killing Bacterium
Traditional containment methods have shown limited success in curtailing the spread of Xylella fastidiosa . However, a recent breakthrough study now offers new hope in the form of innovative endotherapeutic treatments.
Using Effective Microbes to Boost Organic Olive Yields in New Zealand
Ross Vintiner, award-winning biodynamic olive farmer in New Zealand, believes that microbes are the future of farming.
Weather Conditions Impact Australia’s Olive Harvest
The Australian olive industry endured challenging weather conditions which has impacted the 2023 harvest.
Researchers Work to Reverse Genetic Erosion, Breed Resilient Olive Varieties
At the center of the global discussion around the link between sustainable development and climate change, biodiversity is generating more interest.
Olive Oil Prices Reach Unprecedented Highs in 2023 Amidst Spanish Drought Crisis
In 2023, the global olive oil market experienced an unprecedented spike in prices, driven by a perfect storm of factors centred around a severe drought in Spain which is a major global olive oil producer.
New Zealand Producer Uses Brix Levels to Determine Ideal Harvest Moment
Unlike with grapes or other fruit, Ross Vintiner harvests olives when the sugar level falls, indicating that oil is accumulating and polyphenol content remains high.
Farmers and Consumers React to Rising Olive Oil Prices
According to commodity pricing data from the International Monetary Fund, global olive oil export prices hit a record high at the end of April.
East Asian Olive Oils Reach the World Stage
As extra virgin olive oil culture slowly expands in China and Japan, high-quality production in two of the world’s largest economies does too.
Olive Oil HICP and World Trade in Olive Oil & Table Olives
International Olive Council latest news and statistics regarding world trade in olive oil and table olives - including an overview regarding exports and imports within the Australian market.
Dalmatian Agronomists Experiment with New Pruning Methods
Carrying scissors in one hand and a saw in the other, Stjepan Dević prunes a tree in five minutes.
New Website on Olive Sustainability
A new portal dedicated exclusively to sustainability in the olive sector is now live on the IOC website.
Update of the Xylella spp. Host Plant Database
This scientific report provides an update of the Xylella spp. host plant database, aiming to provide information and scientific support to risk assessors, risk managers and researchers dealing with Xylella spp.
Spain's Minister of Agriculture Calls on Olive Oil Sector to Keep Prices Affordable
Luis Planas said that there should be enough olive oil to meet domestic and international demand but warned the whole sector needs to work together.
One-Third of Global Olive Oil Production Comes from Intensive Farming
A report found that high-density groves account for 3% of cultivation, but 36% of olive oil production.
Agronomist Restores 400-Year-Old Olive Grove to Better Withstand Droughts in Croatia
Restoration of centuries-old trees is the first line of defense against drought, according to one young agronomist.
How a Chilean Disrupter Shook Up the Country's Olive Sector
Chile’s leading olive oil producer came to fruition after a roadtrip through Spain. It is now leading the way in precision agriculture and sustainability.
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Highlands Horticulture Corp Pty Ltd
Glenorie, NSW
Grower and wholesale supplier of all advanced olive trees.
Industrial Machinery Technician & Operator for Olive Oil Production
Cabarlah, NAT
Professional Industrial Machinery Technician & Operator - EVOO Production Machinery, Bottling, Pruning, Spraying & other plant care maintenance equipment.
Globalgreen Environmental
Dingley Village, VIC
Australian company dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative products to protect the environment and support revegetation and erosion control.
Feeling Chilly? Try Cost-effective 'Green' Infrared Heating
Magill, SA
Short Wave Infrared heats objects and people, is 100% safe and a natural way to provide comfort without heating the air - much more energy efficient.
Gallard Services - Contract Olive Tree & Grove Maintenance
Glossop, SA
Gallard Services offer pruning, hedging, mulching, spraying, skirting, GPS ground & soil preparation, orchard removal and pruning.
Bask Aerospace
Melton South, VIC
Bird Problems? Bask Aerospace designs, manufactures and supplies professional drone systems, related accessories and remote sensing services.
JMA Engineering ~ Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
Berri, SA
JMA Engineering specialises in engineering design, construction, manufacture and supply of stainless steel olive oil and liquid storage vessels.
Growise - Advanced Biological and Microbial Soil Health and Plant Growth Solutions
Osborne Park, WA
Growise is a progressive enterprise dedicated to providing proven and effective biological and microbial soil health and plant growth solutions.
Oleapak Olive Oil Sales, Packaging & Storage
Seaford, SA
Oleapak offers a variety of options for bottling and packaging your olive oil.
Wildeye ~ Soil Moisture Monitoring
National, NAT
Wildeye gives you a simple way to see what’s happening beneath the surface without getting your hands dirty.
Australian Olive Oil Association
Carlton, VIC
Our aim is to promote consumer education, international quality standards and fair competition in the Australian olive oil industry.
Olive Grove and Vineyard Removal and Re-Working
Wangaratta, VIC
Are you looking to replant with better varieties, or simply want to go back to bare ground to start again?
Linde Forklift - Hire & Sales
Wingfield, SA
Linde Material Handling is a major participant in Australia's material handling equipment industry.