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In Italy, a New Beer Made from Olive Leaves
Birra Olea is made from local olive leaves, which the brewer says lend a smokey flavor and antioxidants.
In Victoria, Taralinga Estate Celebrates Tradition While Embracing Innovation
Salvatore Tarascio started growing olives in Australia in 2015, 85 years after his grandfather first cultivated them in Sicily. Now he is one of the country’s top producers.
Applications of Bioactive Compounds Extracted from Olive Industry Wastes: A Review
The wastes generated during the olive oil extraction process, even if presenting a negative impact for the environment, contain several bioactive compounds that have considerable health benefits.
Dogs and Drones: New Projects in Puglia Emphasize Early Detection Against Xylella
Using thermal sensing and the powerful noses of dogs, authorities in Puglia ramp up efforts to detect the latest outbreaks of Xylella fastidiosa before symptoms occur.
In-depth Study of the Biodiversity of the Fungus Causing Olive Tree Anthracnose
The Department of Agronomy at the University of Córdoba leads an international study in which the different species of the pathogen are being understood thanks to samples collected over the course of 25 years.
Scientists Develop Gelatinous Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Italy
Gelled extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) could soon replace solid saturated fat and trans fat in many different food preparations, providing an unsaturated fat alternative with the organoleptic and antioxidant properties of EVOO.
A Sydney Bartender is Turning a Riverland Olive Company's Excess Brine into Cocktail Syrups
After draining jars of olives to use the brine for dirty martini cocktails, Sydney bartender Jason Crawley said he was left with dried up olives.
Record Harvest and Price Strength for Australian Olive Oil
The Australian olive industry is celebrating a record harvest and growers are experiencing historically strong returns for locally produced olive oil.
European Project Studies Olive Genetics to Prepare Growers for The Future
Researchers at the Gen4Olive Project believe the genetic material of unused olive varieties could help prepare farmers for new climatic conditions and pests.
Andalusia Seeks to Make Olive Production More Profitable with Tourism Initiative
The tourism €1.4 million (AU$2.20M) initiative will help promote olive oil tourism experiences throughout the autonomous community.
Researchers Seek Better Understanding of Olive Drupe Development
By studying the molecular and physiological profiles of the drupes during the stages of development, researchers hope to optimize olive oil and table olive production.
People Here Use More Olive Oil than Anywhere Else in The World
A new report shows that San Marino is the world’s leading per capita olive oil-consuming nation.
New Testing Method Simplifies Elemental Analysis of EVOO Samples
Researchers in Italy have developed a new method to accurately identify 45 different chemical elements in extra virgin olive oil.
Producers in Greece Generate Electricity with Olive Mill Wastewater
Producers can save money and be more sustainable by shipping olive mill wastewater to local biogas production plants.
Labor Shortages, Recent Floods Create 'Insane Situation' as Australian Harvest Begins
Even though Australian olive growers -  unlike many others in the produce industry -  are primarily reliant on mechanical harvesters, they have not escaped the acute labor shortages brought about by Covid-19 travel restrictions. Launched
Farmers, researchers and businesses can now see levy funded research from all the Research and Development Corporations in one location.
Southan Becomes Olives Chief
Michael Southan will become the new CEO of the Australian Olive Association, effective 1 April.
Indonesia, An Emerging Market in Olive Oil Consumption
On 4 March, Extenda organized a trade mission for the extra virgin olive oil sector from Andalusia to Indonesia, representing seven olive oil firms from the region to eight importers and distributors in the Asian country.
A Focus on Design and Sustainability in Pursuit of Perfect EVOO
In the Umbrian hills, two families are working to preserve the ancient heritage of an endemic cultivar while embracing modernity with a new mill and tourism operation.
Victorian Growers Become Olive Oil 'Sommeliers' After Trip Abroad to Consult the Experts
Central Victorian growers Milly Byrne and Julie Howard are olive oil sommeliers and just like their counterparts in wine they can assess its quality, chemistry and flavour.
Even Dark Glass Bottles Leave EVOO Susceptible to Oxidation, Study Finds
Extra virgin olive oil in dark glass bottles suffers significant degradation in supermarket-like conditions, researchers in Italy found.
Evaluation of Molecular Methods for the Detection of Xylella fastidiosa.
Results and final report of the interlaboratory evaluation of molecular methods for the detection of Xylella fastidiosa.
12 Surprising Health Benefits Of Olive Oil
Compared to other cooking oils, olive oil has the unique potential to deliver a one-two punch to chronic and degenerative diseases. Here are some of the most exciting research-backed health benefits.
IOC and UCO Sign an Agreement to Launch the THOC Project
The International Olive Council (IOC) and the University of Córdoba (UCO) have signed an agreement to launch the True Healthy Olive Cultivars (THOC) project.
New Production Technology Improves Olive Oil Quality
Tests show that high vacuum-assisted extraction technologies increase polyphenols and lower volatile compounds in extra virgin olive oils. Further tests are needed to understand their impact on yields.
Researchers Test New Olive Varieties to Improve Sustainability
A team in Andalusia is testing a hedge cultivation system that could be more profitable for growers and sustainable for the environment.
Survey on the Australian Olive Industry Reveals a Striving Industry in Need of a New Focus
A groundbreaking independent survey on the Australian olive industry was recently conducted by The Olive Centre (TOC), a leading supplier of equipment and machinery, events, and professional advice to the olive industry in Australia.
Australian Representative Appointed to New International Industry Organisation ~ Women in Olive Oil
Amanda Bailey, managing director of The Olive Centre and chief executive of the Queensland Olive Council, has been appointed the Australian Leader for Women in Olive Oil, an international organisation for women in the olive oil industry.
Traceability Program to Build Trust in Australia’s Food Supply Chains
Australia’s food safety systems will be strengthened by the delivery of a new national implementation program to help track and trace food products from farm to fork in domestic and export markets.
EIP-AGRI Focus Group Pests and Diseases of the Olive Tree: Final report
EU report on olive tree pathogens and parasites affecting and threatening olive production, and the principles farmers are using to protect their olive groves.
Featured Listings
OLIMAKER© Professional Olive Oil Processing Machine for Home and Grove
Willunga, SA
From tree to table…Harvest your own olive trees and process your own extra virgin olive oil with OLIMAKER©.
Bird Scare Guns
Central Coast, NSW
Maximise Your Harvest Every Season. Setup in minutes, operating unattended, the Bird Scare Gun will protect your olive grove and assets from day one.
Mechanical Olive Harvesting Contractor
Renmark, SA
Mechanical Olive Harvester, Tree Shaker, Umbrella Harvester, SICMA F3(Machine) Catchment Facility, Fork Lift, Truck, Transport, Kalamata Olive Fruit Buyer.
Industrial Machinery Technician & Operator for Olive Oil Production
Cabarlah, NAT
Professional Industrial Machinery Technician & Operator - EVOO Production Machinery, Bottling, Pruning, Spraying & other plant care maintenance equipment.
Globalgreen Environmental
Dingley Village, VIC
Australian company dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative products to protect the environment and support revegetation and erosion control.
Leighgrove Olives
Inverleigh, VIC
Leighgrove Olives grow, process and produce extra virgin olive oil, infused extra virgin olive oil, tapenade, olive salt, table olives and olive oil soaps.
Gallard Services - Contract Olive Tree & Grove Maintenance
Glossop, SA
Gallard Services offer pruning, hedging, mulching, spraying, skirting, GPS ground & soil preparation, orchard removal and pruning.
Bask Aerospace
Melton South, VIC
Bird Problems? Bask Aerospace designs, manufactures and supplies professional drone systems, related accessories and remote sensing services.
JMA Engineering ~ Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
Berri, SA
JMA Engineering specialises in engineering design, construction, manufacture and supply of stainless steel olive oil and liquid storage vessels.
Growise - Advanced Biological and Microbial Soil Health and Plant Growth Solutions
Osborne Park, WA
Growise is a progressive enterprise dedicated to providing proven and effective biological and microbial soil health and plant growth solutions.
Oleapak Olive Oil Sales, Packaging & Storage
Seaford, SA
Oleapak offers a variety of options for bottling and packaging your olive oil.
Wildeye ~ Soil Moisture Monitoring
National, NAT
Wildeye gives you a simple way to see what’s happening beneath the surface without getting your hands dirty.
Australian Olive Oil Association
Carlton, VIC
Our aim is to promote consumer education, international quality standards and fair competition in the Australian olive oil industry.
Olive Grove and Vineyard Removal and Re-Working
Wangaratta, VIC
Are you looking to replant with better varieties, or simply want to go back to bare ground to start again?
Linde Forklift - Hire & Sales
Wingfield, SA
Linde Material Handling is a major participant in Australia's material handling equipment industry.