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Europe's Olive Oil Exports on Record-Breaking Pace
European Union olive oil export volumes are on pace to reach a new record in the 2019-20 crop year, according to the Director General of Agriculture and Rural Development’s short-term market outlook report for autumn 2020.
Rising Adversity in Olive Oil Sector Gives Rise to New ‘Olive Council’ in Córdoba
The evolving nature of the olive oil market, persistently low prices, and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have fueled the formation of a new organization in the Spanish province of Córdoba.
Researchers Test New Olive Varieties to Improve Sustainability
A team in Andalusia is testing a hedge cultivation system that could be more profitable for growers and sustainable for the environment.
Survey on the Australian Olive Industry Reveals a Striving Industry in Need of a New Focus
A groundbreaking independent survey on the Australian olive industry was recently conducted by The Olive Centre (TOC), a leading supplier of equipment and machinery, events, and professional advice to the olive industry in Australia.
Feral Deer 'Cultivating' Olive Trees in Adelaide Hills as the Pest Plant Strangles Native Vegetation
Conservationists say feral deer are "cultivating" the growth of olive trees in the Adelaide Hills, prompting a warning from the Country Fire Service (CFS) about the fire danger posed by the highly combustible pest plant.
EU Olive Oil Production Expected to Hit 5 Year High
Olive oil production is expected to rebound in the European Union in the 2020-21 crop year, reaching 2.3 million tons, according to a short-term agri-food outlook report published by the EU.
China's Appetite for Olive Oil Slowly Growing as Eating Habits Change
Growing olive trees began in the country on a large scale in the 1960s, but China lacks the favorable climate conditions to allow groves to flourish
Traceability Program to Build Trust in Australia’s Food Supply Chains
Australia’s food safety systems will be strengthened by the delivery of a new national implementation program to help track and trace food products from farm to fork in domestic and export markets.
Trade Group Petitions FDA for Olive Oil Standard of Identity
The North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA), a trade group, has filed a citizen petition with the United States Food and Drug Administration asking the agency to create a standard of identity (SOI) for olive oil and olive-pomace oils.
Australian Representative Appointed to New International Industry Organisation ~ Women in Olive Oil
Amanda Bailey, managing director of The Olive Centre and chief executive of the Queensland Olive Council, has been appointed the Australian Leader for Women in Olive Oil, an international organisation for women in the olive oil industry.
Xylella Update: Spread Continues in Southern Italy Amid Calls for Swift Action
With the bacteria spreading beyond predictability, an evolving patchwork of strategies aim to identify and contain outbreaks.
EIP-AGRI Focus Group Pests and Diseases of the Olive Tree: Final report
EU report on olive tree pathogens and parasites affecting and threatening olive production, and the principles farmers are using to protect their olive groves.
European Geographical Indicators Valued at More Than $80 Billion
A study from the European Commission found that extra virgin olive oils make up US$326 million of the total value of European geographical indicators. PDO and PGI oils from Spain and Italy account for nearly 40 percent of that amount.
Active and Intelligent Packaging = Longer Shelf Life
Discover two types of smart packaging that are increasing shelf life and communicating directly to consumers - intelligent and active packaging.
Doubling Olive Yields Possible — Research
New Zealand olive yields can be more than doubled by using fruit tree management techniques instead of more traditional methods.
Consumers Reject EVOO Bitterness, Study Finds
Most consumers do not like bitterness in their extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and they perceive the intensity of that taste much more than experts do, according to a new study.
Australian Consumers are Increasingly Demanding with the EVOO They Buy
The consumption of olive oil has increased in the last 20 years in Australia mainly due to the increasing popularity of Mediterranean cuisine and the the health benefits of this product, which is present in approximately 65% of households.
Australian Producers Making Do Despite Bush Fires, Record Drought
In spite of a record drought and devastating bush fires, some large Australian producers are expecting close to an average production and high-quality oils in 2020.
Navigating the Changing World
More than 45 years ago, GS1 triggered the product identification digital revolution through the barcode. Today, it has the tools to support the value chain trends of tomorrow.
Obsessed with Olive Oil
Interview with Fil Bucchino on his film about EVOO and the passionate artisans that bring it to your table.
Where the World's Olives Live Side by Side
From a distance, this olive grove on the outskirts of Córdoba looks just like any other field. But it is home for more than 1,000 olive cultivars from 29 countries, from Iran to the Americas, passing through all of the Mediterranean Basin.
Drought, Not Fire, Remains the Bane of Australian Olive Growers
Australia's olive growers have mostly been spared from the wildfires that have been ravaging the country. Persistent drought, however, continues to cause concern.
New Chemical Approach to Compromised EVOO
UC Davis researchers have developed a more rapid and cost-effective process to determine the reliability of a product bottled with an extra virgin olive oil label.
Conference on Xylella fastidiosa 2019 : Presentations & Proceedings
Around 350 plant health specialists from around the world gathered in Corsica for two days of intensive discussions on how science can help find solutions to Xylella fastidiosa - here are their presentations.
EVOO is Health: The 20 Discoveries made in 2019 about the Health Benefits of EVOO
An overview of major research projects published throughout 2019 finding that extra virgin olive oil is a powerful ally for good health.
Geographical Indications for Food, Wine & Spirit Drinks in EU Now Available on New Public Database
Launched in April 2019, the public database 'eAmbrosia - the EU Geographical Indications registers' now includes geographical indications (GI) for agri-food products, wine and spirit drinks registered and protected in the European Union.
Olive Oil Quality & Authenticity: Current EU Legislation, Standards, Methods of Analyses
A review of current EU legislation, standards, relevant methods of analyses, their drawbacks and recommendations for the future. Normative and standard sources for olive oil quality and purity: a global framework.
Brands Come Alive with AR Packaging
Every product manager is fighting the war-on-the-shelf these days and packaging is an extremely important aspect of retailing.
The Sustainability of Olive Orchard Planting Management for Different Harvesting Techniques
Olive harvesting methods were assessed to identify the more sustainable solutions.
Potential of Olive Oil Tourism in Promoting Local Quality Food Products
Oleotourism offers activities based on olive groves, their history, olives and olive oil.
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Leighgrove Olives
Inverleigh, VIC
Leighgrove Olives grow, process and produce extra virgin olive oil, infused extra virgin olive oil, tapenade, olive salt, table olives and olive oil soaps.
Mechanical Olive Harvesting Contractor
Renmark, SA
Mechanical Olive Harvester, Tree Shaker, Umbrella Harvester, SICMA F3(Machine) Catchment Facility, Fork Lift, Truck, Transport, Kalamata Olive Fruit Buyer.
Wingfield, SA
COSPAK is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality products in glass, metal, paper and flexible packaging solutions.
Cosme-Australia Stainless Steel Fabrications
Griffith, NSW
Stainless Steel Fabrications for all olive tanks and accessories.
Gallard Services - Contract Olive Tree & Grove Maintenance
Glossop, SA
Gallard Services offer pruning, hedging, mulching, spraying, skirting, GPS ground & soil preparation, orchard removal and pruning.
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