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Sydney’s Olive Odyssey: Celebration of Flavor, Expertise, Unity by International Olive Council

In recent days, a delegation from the International Olive Council arrived in Sydney, consisting of Maria Juarez, Head of Promotion and Economic Affairs, Dr Imene Trabelsi Trigui, Head of Promotion, and Dr. Wenceslao Moreda, Principal Scientist and IOC expert.

Their visit aimed to present and showcase a series of hosting events in Sydney by featuring a two-day technical tasting workshop and an engaging networking cocktail event.

The primary focus of these events is twofold. The workshop aimed to establish a collaborative relationship between Australian growers and producers and the International Olive Council. Meanwhile, the networking cocktail event brought together key stakeholders, including government officials, media representatives, chefs, and producers for a culminating networking event. The highlight of the evening was the presence of the new Ambassador, Mark Olive, who delighted attendees with a special menu incorporating Australian Indigenous ingredients like saltbush, kangaroo, bush tomato and native peppers which were beautifully presented and paired with various styles of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“Promoting sustainability in olive oil production is vital in addressing climate change. We encourage producers to adopt sustainable practices, which not only mitigate environmental issues but also manage production costs effectively. Australia’s closer collaboration with the IOC is a step toward a healthier, sustainable future. We aim to raise awareness about the benefits of olive oil and sustainable practices, ensuring a better, healthier food consumption.” – Dr. Imene Trabelsi, Head of Promotions, International Olive Council. 

The two-day technical workshop was expertly presented by Dr Wenceslao Moreda, an IOC expert and chairman of eWG of the Codex Committee on Fats and Oils (CCFO) and is also a distinguished figure from the Spanish National Research Council with a prolific track record of over 75 research publications dating back before 1995. The first day of the workshop delved into sensory evaluation, encompassing both the physical and psychological aspects of the organoleptic process highlighting correct conditions of production, all while adhering to the stringent standards set by the International Olive Council. The discussions on these standards shed light on the reasons behind their existence and why certain variances do exist to be an overarching umbrella global standard. More