Brands Come Alive with AR Packaging

We all live in an age where we get bombarded with an average of over 5,000 marketing messages a day, and sometimes more too, in a city like Melbourne. Add to this the host of other streams of information, like news and social media feeds that we follow on the go – and we arrive at a staggeringly high number of messages that are vying for our attention every single day.

So, it is not surprising that a lot of these messages, including brand messages are lost amidst all the distractions. If brands want to cut through the noise they need to create meaningful connections with their target audiences across multiple touch points.

Every product manager is fighting the war-on-the-shelf these days and packaging is an extremely important aspect of retailing. It helps identify your brand, protect your product but most importantly, it also provides a platform for sharing information with consumers. Brands have experimented with packaging designs that are designed to grab attention in the supermarket aisle, but ultimately packaging provides a largely passive brand asset.

How about rethinking packaging to make it more inspiring, entertaining and hardworking for your brand? This is now possible with augmented reality or AR packaging. Leading brands in Australia are doing that successfully, by integrating augmented reality into their packaging they enable a more engaging and digitally connected experience.


The Possibilities with AR Packaging

Augmented reality opens up endless possibilities for packaging, limited only by your imagination! With AR integrated packaging, you can choose to transport your customers into your brand story and engage them in a truly intimate and innovative way, not possible through typical digital only channels.

Using augmented reality, you can create an engaging, interactive window into what your brand represents. You could also use AR to bridge the gap between the physical packaging and the digital experience to unlock more content and value for your brand. In fact, there are physical retailers in Melbourne who use AR in innovative ways to create an immersive experience at the point of purchase, something that is not possible on eCommerce portals. More