Australis Plants
Highfields, QLD
Australis Plants is a specialist olive nursery producing the largest range of olive varieties and tree sizes in Australia.
Gol Gol Nurseries
Gol Gol, NSW
Our olive trees (except Kalamata) are propagated from cuttings to ensure the characteristics of the selected parent plant are produced in the progeny.
Lewis Horticulture - Let's Grow Olives Together
Buckland Park, SA
Leaders in High Density Olive Technology and olive grove site selection, design, installation, irrigation, management, agronomy, and olive oil brokerage.
Lonely Goat Olives
Congewai, NSW
We are a small family owned and run business selling olive trees for gardens and groves.
Merlin's Grove
York, WA
Merlin's Grove supply various varieties of mature olive trees and grow and produce extra virgin olive oil.
Modern Olives Nursery & Laboratory Services
Lara, VIC
Modern Olives is a specialist olive nursery, olive oil laboratory and offers olive technical advice.