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Merlin's Grove

Merlin's Grove
166 Ashworth Road
York, WA 6302

Merlin's Grove supply various varieties of mature olive trees and grow and produce extra virgin olive oil.

Ideal for single landscaping statements or to produce table olives, several trees sufficient to produce your own olive oil, or to provide street trees for a new housing development, Merlin’s Grove can provide the trees you are looking for.

Our trees are mostly 12 years old.

With many different varieties, each displaying their own characteristics and qualities, we can supply the best tree for your needs

Kalamata – a tall growing elegant tree produces superb table olives and superior oil

Manzanillo – a spreading tree with big fat olives, also ideal for table olives or oil

Frantoio and WA Mission – Beautifully shaped trees, upright, with many small olives, producing excellent oil

Pendolino – as the name suggests a pendulous tree, very attractive, with medium sized fruit which makes delicious oil

Barnea – a tall growing upright tree with plentiful attractive ruby colored fruit
Olive Oil
Merlin's Grove
Meryl Widenbar
166 Ashworth Road
York WA 6302
Merlin's Grove supply mature olive trees and grow and produce extra virgin olive oil.

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