Highlands Horticulture Corp Pty Ltd

Highlands Horticulture Corp Pty Ltd
36 Cattai Ridge Road
Glenorie, NSW 2157

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While anyone can sell fruit trees, it takes a passionate horticulturalist truly connected to nature to provide a specialised service that customers rely on.

At Highland Horticulture, our background in the establishment and propagation of a broad variety of fruit trees, unique and rare trees spans over four decades.

From our early years farming orchards in Europe, we've now established our own roots in rural New South Wales and supply over 100 varieties of mature fruit and landscaping trees to residential and commercial customers across Australia.

Our Olive Trees are grown with precision and passion, these trees bear witness to centuries-old traditions. From the silvery foliage to the prized olives they produce, our Olive Trees are a testament to the artistry of cultivation. Perfect for both aesthetic enhancement and culinary pursuits or farming, they bring the Mediterranean charm to your doorstep. Experience the beauty and functionality of these enduring trees, adding a touch of elegance and a harvest of culinary excellence to your surroundings and profits.

Highlands Horticultural Corporation
Francois Roupen
36 Cattai Ridge Road
Glenorie NSW 2157
Grower and wholesale supplier and retail of advanced olive trees.

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