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Olive Oil Production and Consumption Down
The latest data from the International Olive Council for the 2016-17 harvest reveal a decline in olive oil consumption, particularly in Europe, but the outlook for the 2017-18 season is better.
California Olive Ranch Gets $35M Investment
COR said it had received the largest investment ever for an American producer that will be used for research, expansion, and the implementation of environmental initiatives.
Scrutiny Reveals Flaws in System
Horticulture Innovation, Meat and Livestock Australia, Australian Wool Innovation, Grains Research Development Corporation and Cotton Research Development Corporation collected $522 million revenue in 2016-17.
Putting Taste to the Test
Amanda Bailey, CEO of the Queensland Olive Council, believes Queensland's humble olive oil producers should be shouting from the rooftops about their product.
Strategic Alliance Between AuMake and Australian Made to Promote More Aussie Products to China
The Australian Made Campaign has formed a strategic alliance with AuMake to promote locally made and grown products to daigou and Chinese tourists.
Tunisia Sees Opportunity in Organic Production
Ninety-five percent of Tunisia’s olive groves are tended using traditional practices without the use of any pesticides.
Making Olive Oil in Sun-Drenched Hot Spot
The islands are practically waterless — reservoirs, a few wells, and some desalination facilities cover the demand. The terrain is harsh and arid, but the locals there manage to grow vegetables, citrus trees, vineyards, and olive trees.
New SF Express Verification Service Tackles China’s Widespread Counterfeiting
Chinese logistics service provider SF Express has launched its 'SF Certified International Shipping' verification service that verifies packages are being handled by SF Express, from their origin overseas directly to China.
Amazon Is Here
Today, Australian retail changes forever. Here’s what’s happening, what it means for you, and what it might mean for thousands of independent producers and makers.
Australian and New Zealand Olive Oil Tasters Included on International Register
International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes welcomes four new Associate Savantes following the Savantes Programme and Review in Melbourne, Australia.
Demand for California Olive Oil Continues to Rise
The Golden State is on track to produce a record amount of olive oil this year and growers in the business say they should have no problem clearing their inventory, as Americans’ appetite for California olive oil continues to outstrip supply.
China E-Commerce : Resistance is Futile
Earlier this month the PRC National People’s Congress circulated their second discussion draft of their E-commerce Law with some concerning plans further limiting foreign owned brands options for selling online in China.
Insect Can Be Effective Predator of Meadow Spittlebug Vector of Xylella
An entomologist found evidence that North American insect can be used to limit the presence of Meadows Spittlebugs vectors of the Xylella fastidiosa CoDiRO strain on olive trees.
The EU Olive and Olive Oil Sector ~ Features, Challenges and Prospects
Agricultural innovation, price volatility and marketing standards are some of the main challenges facing the the European olive oil sector, according to a report released by the European Union Parliament's Research Service (EPRS).
Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ Australians Love It, but Do We Have Any Taste?
Australians love their olive oil — we went through 40,000 tonnes of the green, yellowy liquid last year. It is a staple in kitchens around the country, but do we really know what quality olive oil tastes like?
At Hacienda Guzman, Promoting Olive Culture by Celebrating its Diversity
Juan Ramón Guillén began bringing back saplings of different varieties of olive trees from his travels. Now, his 'Olivotheque' is among the largest collections of olive cultivars in the world.
Marketing Olive Oils Like Wine
Olives are as diverse in flavour as wine is and the olive industry is banding together to create regional palate profiles for different olive varieties.
World Production of Olive Oil Expected to Reach 2.9M tons in 2017-18 Reports GEA
The world production of olive oil is expected to reach 2.9M tons in the 2017-18 season, an increase of 8.2% from the previous season, according to a report published by the GEA Center of Excellence of Olive Oil.
What Does the Future Hold for Pitted Olive Oils?
With more producers taking advantage of advances in milling technology, are pitted oils set to become a more common sight on store shelves or are they destined to remain a niche product?
Australian Digital Wholesale Platform Moves into Asian Market
Australian digital fruit and vegetable wholesale market HiveXchange recently ventured into the Asian market.
California Olive Ranch: Defying Tradition
With a focus on technology, Gregg Kelley and his team seek to produce high-quality olive oil on a large scale.
Olive Oil Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking: Global Review 2017-22
According to Fact.MR, the global market for olive oil is expected to grow at moderate pace, procuring revenues worth just over US$11Bn (AU$13.75Bn) towards the end of forecast period, 2017-22.
'Amazon of China' Alibaba already has supermarkets. Now it wants our food
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is opening up new ways for Australia food producers to access its more than half-a-billion customers.
XF-ACTORS is the first research project in Europe entirely devoted to research on the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa.
Oleum Project Seeks Better Solutions to Protect Olive Oil Authenticity
OLEUM is a major project that is part of the EU framework program Horizon 2020, conceived with the goal to assure and increase the level of authenticity and quality of olive oil at a global scale.
EU Project Aims to Improve Mediterranean Olive Oil Sector Competitiveness
A new project will develop quality control and production techniques to aid producers while educating consumers about high-phenolic olive oil's health benefits and certifying those health benefits.
6th ‘Extrascape’ Recognizes Outstanding Olive Oil Landscapes
The 6th edition of the competition for the best extra virgin olive oil landscapes, Extrascape 2017, concluded a two-day event that included several speeches by experts in the field.
Olive Tree is Second Non-Ash Species Found Vulnerable to Emerald Ash Borer
Researchers at Wight State University have found that the invasive Emerald Ash Borer poses a threat to olive trees.
World’s Healthiest Olive Oil? The Jury’s Still Out
Boundary Bend claimed in a press release that its California blend was declared the "world's healthiest olive oil" at a competition in Spain. Scientists caution, however, that such a distinction is premature and, at worst, misguided.
Against All Odds: The First Olive Oil From Canada
The very first 100 percent Canadian extra virgin olive oil did not come easy for pioneers George and Sheri Braun.
Study Offers Guidance on How to Protect Olive Trees from Being Ravaged by Deadly Pathogen
Expert ecologists at the UK-based Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) have devised a scientific model which could help predict the spread of the deadly Xylella fastidiosa which is threatening to destroy Europe's olive trees.
Japan Extends Joint Research with Tunisia
A Japan-Tunisia collaboration will continue until 2021 with a focus on the development of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
Company Develops Microbeads From Olive Pomace
A British company's technology has attracted interest from farmers and producers looking for more value from fruit and vegetable waste.
Price Rises and Private Label Drive Up Sales of Olive Oil Across Europe
The success of private label and the impact of price increases across European countries is driving up value sales of olive oil, according to the latest figures from IRI.
Olive Mill Waste: Recent Advances for Sustainable Management
Covers most relevant topics in olive oil industry sustainable management and the potential of processes and products in the market.
Brazil Looks for Its Own Olive
As debate revolves around whether or not Maria da Fé is an olive species unique to Brazil, both traditional mills and technologically advanced machinery have contributed to the increased quality of olive oil here.
When Does Olive Oil Lose Its Virginity?
Unlike wine, olive oil does not improve with time. And while many might wonder how long an extra virgin olive oil will stay extra virgin, there are too many moving parts for a simple answer.
Australian Government Launches New Country of Origin Labelling Campaign
Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Arthur Sinodinos has launched a new Country of Origin Labelling campaign designed to inform people of the new labelling laws and how they are being used on food products.
Olive Farming in Tunisia
Though endowed with a vast array of varieties that have adapted to its many environmental conditions, Tunisian olive oil production mostly relies on two cultivars: Chemlali and Chetoui.
Lebanese Olive Oil: Exploring Intricacies of a Sector With Potential
Irrevocably known as one of the cradles of olive growing areas, Lebanon’s ancestral heritage of olive trees along with its microclimate and fertile rain-fed soil assembles auspicious conditions for the production of high-quality olive oils.
Olive Oil Traces Dating Back 8,000 Years Found in Israel
Clay sherds uncovered in Lower Galilee may mark oldest evidence for use of oil in entire Middle East.
Olive Tea Manufacturing Plant to Open in India
Rajasthan’s new olive leaf tea plant is a collaboration between the Rajasthan Government and a private company.
How Cold Temperatures Can Help Olive Production
Very low temperatures and snow can have positive effects on olive trees by reducing the olive fruit fly population, containing fungal diseases and aerating the soil.
Could Drones Be the Next Big Thing for the Australian Olive Industry?
With legislation making drone ownership easier and more affordable, many farmers are could find a more effective means of crop monitoring and maintenance.
The Olive Seed, A New Natural 'Super' Ingredient
Pioneering olive company Grupo Elayo is using of the health-enhancing bioactive components found in olive stones to develop new products and applications in the food and cosmetic industries.
Australian Exporters Guide to China’s Online Retail Environment
Australian food and agribusiness exports to China have nearly doubled from 2010 to 2015 to AUD $9 Billion.
Local to Global: Provenance Branding and Farmer Co-operation for High Value Export Markets
New research report examines protection of Australian brands in overseas markets.
New International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives
The new International Agreement on olive oil and table olives, which was adopted by consensus at the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development in Geneva last year, will take effect on 1 January.
Interview with Eryn Balch, NAOOA Executive Vice President
Eryn Balch spent five years with Sovena USA, one of the largest American importers of olive oil, before she joined the Trade Association of Olive Oil Importers, the North American Olive Oil Association, as its executive vice president in 2012.
Scientists Use Forensic Techniques to Gauge Olive Oil Quality, Prevent Fraud
Scientists managed to quantify DNA present in olive oil with the help of breakthrough forensic techniques.
Improvement of Olive Oil Mechanical Extraction: New Technologies, Process Efficiency, and EVOO
Several factors such as the genetic and geographical origin of the olive fruit as well as agronomic practices and technological strategies affect the phenolic content and aromatic profile of EVOO.
Italian Olive Oil Brands Choose Thinfilm’s NFC Technology to Authenticate Products
Thin Film Electronics ASA is integrating its NFC SpeedTap™ tags in the packaging of Italian olive oil brands to enable product authentication, enhance consumer engagement, and fuel online sales.
Cheaper Wild Olive Control Method Shows Promise
A new trial comparing control methods for Wild Olive (Olea europaea) near One Tree Hill in South Australia, suggests that the basal bark spraying method is more efficient than the traditional drill and fill.
Why Family Businesses have Competitive Advantage
Doing business with family can be difficult, but family businesses have unique opportunities compared to other companies – once they have proper structures in place.
New Method for Identifying Olive Cultivars
The identification olive cultivars according to the appearance of leaves and fruit is expected to serve as the basis for a phone app and contributions to a new international olive tree database.
Consumer Perception, Attitudes, Liking and Preferences for Olive Oil
The consumption of olive oil has grown considerably over the past 20 years. For instance, approximately 1.7 million tons of was consumed worldwide in 1990–91 and this increased to approximately 3.1 million tons in 2013–14.
Emerald Ash Borer May Become a Problem for Olive Growers
In October 2014, researchers at Wright State University discovered that an invasive insect called the emerald ash borer (EAB) was attacking white fringetrees (Chionanthus virginicus) in addition to ash trees.
Food Security App Protects Premium Aussie Foods in Asia
Anti-counterfeit and traceability technology is helping to protect the integrity of premium Australian foods in Asia.
The First Zero-Impact Olive Mill to Produce Energy
Giovanni Cassese's designed a system built by Pieralisi that might just be the first completely environmentally sustainable olive mill.
Olive Oil Skincare Oils Up the Asian Market
Olive Oil Skincare started out as a home remedy for psoriasis. Today it turns over $1 million a year, and has Chinese buyers hooked on its beauty & skincare range.
EU Ambassador Pushes for More Regional Branding in Australia
Australians farmers have been urged to introduce more so-called protected regional branding in a bid to mimic moves made by products from Champagne and Cognac in Europe.
Alibaba Expecting Increase in Australian Export Orders with Asia
E-commerce platform Alibaba is anticipating an increase in Australian exporters using its service to help them break into the Asian markets.
Alibaba and Austrade Sign Strategic Collaboration
Alibaba and the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) signed a strategic collaboration agreement yesterday at Alibaba’s corporate headquarters in Hangzhou.
 'Godfather' of North Coast Olive Oil Goes International
Widely known as the godfather of California olive oil, Vossen was instrumental in helping a handful of olive-growing pioneers in Wine Country who dreamed of making extra virgin olive oil that would rival the region’s renowned wines.
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