The First Zero-Impact Olive Mill to Produce Energy

Giovanni Cassese's designed a system built by Pieralisi that might just be the first completely environmentally sustainable olive mill.

Harvest just started in Italy and while olive mills are working almost at full capacity we met the creator of an innovative method of production that not only has zero environmental impact but also produces electric and thermal energy.

“This system has reached the highest level of innovation for the disposal of wastewater,” said Giovanni Cassese, who gained experience in the family mill at Villa Castelli, in the province of Brindisi, in Apulia. “A very simple agri-food process became a zero-impact practice to produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil and generate power.”

Cassese conceived adjustments to the mode of operation of a mill and submitted them to the milling technology company Pieralisi, which implemented the new setup in a plant that can be considered the first completely environmentally sustainable olive mill.

“As we know, even the most innovative three-phase system involves a water consumption that ranges from 70 to 110 percent, while the two-phase system generates very reduced water consumption but the waste needs to be further processed to be reusable in some way or digested,” he explained. “After extraction with our mill which employs the DMF (multi-functional decanter) technology, we obtain extra virgin olive oil and two byproducts or, as I call them, ‘differentiated productions’ — the virgin olive pomace with humidity content around 55 percent, that is very well suited to the extraction of olive pit, and the olive pâté.” More