Polyphenols ~ Properties, Recovery, and Applications

Polyphenols: Properties, Recovery, and Applications covers polyphenol properties, health effects and new trends in recovery procedures and applications.

Beginning with coverage of the metabolism and health effects of polyphenols, the book then addresses recovery, analysis, processing issues and industrial applications. The book connects the properties and health effects of polyphenols with recovery, processing and encapsulation issues, and also explores industrial applications that are affected by these aspects, including both current applications and those under development.

Part A: Metabolism and Health Effects of Polyphenols
Overview of polyphenols and their properties
Polyphenols : Absorption, bioavailability, and metabolomics
Beneficial effects of polyphenols on chronic diseases and ageing
Nutrigenomics and polyphenols
Part B: Recovery and Processing of Polyphenols From Target Sources
Target sources of polyphenols in different food products and their processing by-products
Polyphenols analysis and related challenges
Recovery technologies and encapsulation techniques
Emerging technologies for the extraction of polyphenols from natural sources
Technological aspects and stability of polyphenols
Part C: Application of Polyphenols in the Industry
Foods and supplements
Natural pigments and colorants in foods and beverages 
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