Interview with Eryn Balch, NAOOA Executive Vice President

Eryn Balch spent five years with Sovena USA, one of the largest American importers of olive oil, before she joined the Trade Association of Olive Oil Importers, the North American Olive Oil Association, as its executive vice president in 2012.
Eryn always has a lot going on. The trade group works on behalf of its members on legislative and regulatory issues, monitors olive oil quality in its testing program, and once in a while calls out brands that don’t make the grade.
Eryn was in the news most recently when her office sued TV’s Dr. Oz for what it called his false and careless words that have discouraged millions of people from using a product with scientifically demonstrated advantages.
"The NAOOA is actually, it’s a trade association for sellers and marketers of olive oil in the US and Canada, so one of the things that is different about our association is that we’re not linked to any specific country or region or grade of olive oil. We’re open to any company that wants to market olive oils in North America and agrees to follow the IOC standards as well as industry supporters, so in addition to some of the things you just mentioned we have two primary areas of activity. One is monitoring the market and testing olive oils and working to enforce the IOC standards, and the other very important area is promoting olive oil consumption, so promoting all olive oil consumption." explained Ms Blanch.
"Who are your members?" asked Curtis Cord.
"Today our members represent about 60% of all the olive oil consumed in the US, big and small companies, major brands, retail brands, food-service brands, private label suppliers, bulk and industrial suppliers, so a mix of all of the players in the category that are bringing olive oil to US consumers." said Ms Blanch. More