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WiSA Group
2/42 Cornelia Creek Rd
Echuca, VIC 3564

WiSA solutions integrate with existing irrigation infrastructure, removing the need to change your existing equipment.

Our systems are modular by design, allowing customers to add to the system over time.

WiSA technology is equally applicable to all farm types and irrigation methods, and is currently being used successfully across the world

We partner with our customers to deliver sustainable irrigation practices and financial benefits.

Our solutions give growers greater control and increased flexibility through the provision of precise real time data stored within the system.

This allows for irrigation and fertigation decisions to be made instantaneously.

Incorporating Weather Data and Soil Moisture Data into the real time irrigation system means that water is only applied when it is required and no more than necessary because the sensors are in place giving real time feedback from the field.

WiSA Group
Graeme Wright
2/42 Cornelia Creek Rd
Echuca VIC 3564
WiSA Group is globally recognised in providing outstanding customer satisfation for innovation water management systems and irrigation technology.

The Company provides the best innovative solutions to our customers in water efficiency management and crop production.

Our equipment is designed to provide you with better water use, more time to manage the farm other than being at the irrigation night and day, and to help promote better healthier crops with higher quality and yields.

We act on opportunities to grow our brand WiSA Group through new innovative products into new markets; increasing our market share through existing and new partnerships; and in improving our competiveness through smart production techniques, customers loyalty and training.

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