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WiSA Group - Irrigation Control Systems

WiSA Group
2/42 Cornelia Creek Road
Echuca, VIC 3564

WiSA solutions integrate with existing irrigation infrastructure, removing the need to change your existing equipment.

The WiSA system communicates wirelessly, using either low powered radio telemetry or through 3G, which ensure no cables where they are not wanted.

All WiSA control systems can be logged into remotely using either mobile telemetry or internet connections, so you don't even need to be on site to make decisions. Weekend irrigation/work can be easily monitored from the comforts of home or when travelling or interstate.

The product is proudly Australian made and owned.

WiSA is dedicated to enhancing global sustainability practices. We recognise that we have a critical role in developing the best innovative solutions to our customers, and to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

We partner with our customers around the world to deliver :-
. Precise measurement and monitoring
. Intelligent control and Automation
. Sustainability and cost efficiency
WiSA Group
Sales Team
PO Box 592
Echuca VIC 3564
WiSA Irrigation Technology solutions deliver total irrigation control through automation, monitoring and real time analysis. The product is Australian made and owned.

The Company provides the best innovative solutions to our customers in water efficiency management and crop production.

Our equipment is designed to provide you with better water use, more time to manage the farm other than being at the irrigation night and day, and to help promote better healthier crops with higher quality and yields.

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