Scholle Packaging

Scholle Packaging
32 Hewittson Rd
Edinburgh North, SA 5113

Are your edible oil customers looking for packaging solutions to solve their unique set of problems?

Scholle’s performance packaging gives you a market advantage with solutions that are designed to ensure your edible oil’s integrity and maximize your consumers’ experience in a way that is as safe, natural, economic, and sustainable as possible.

Range of Products
~ Bag-In-Box Packaging

~ Performance Film

~ Fitments

~ Filling and Loading Equipment

~ Stand-Up Pouch and Vacuum Pouch

~ Bottle Closures
Scholle Packaging
Randall Pearce
Hewittson Rd
Elizabeth Park SA 5113
Scholle Packaging is a world leader in bag-in-box packaging for the food, beverage and industrial markets.

The Company provided locally-manufactured products with unprecedented innovation, quality and customer service.

Inspired people, vertically-integrated processes and global manufacturing capabilities allow us to rigorously control our manufacturing standards.

The result is economically competitive and environmentally sustainable flexible packaging solutions that add maximum value to the world class customers we serve.

We offer a broad range of packaging solutions and expertise dedicated to meet our customer needs and continually better our operations to better respond and service those needs.

The breadth of our bag-in-box product offering includes flexible films, filling equipment, bags, fitments and caps. With significant resources deployed in areas such as R&D and innovation, Scholle is on the forefront of bringing flexible packaging technology and trends to life.

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