SACOA Spray Oils and Adjuvants

229 Stirling Highway
Claremont, WA 6010

SACOA offers a range of products suitable for olive IPM programs:-

BIOPEST Paraffinic Oil
A premium quality iso-paraffinic oil for use as a biorational pesticide in olives and other horticulture. It can act as a versatile insecticide, fungicide, manager of aphid-transmitted viruses and carrier/adjuvant.

SUMMER Insecticidal Spray Oil
A proven and economically priced summer spraying oil. Suitable as a carrier and effective pesticide for use in horticulture.

PLANTOCROP Spray Adjuvant
A specially formulated esterified seed oil designed to enhance the penetrating properties of both post-emergent herbicides and pyrethroid insecticides. Endorsed by Syngenta for use with Topik® it is particularly suitable for cold water applications.
Justin Matthews
229 Stirling Highway
Claremont WA 6010
SACOA are leaders in spray oil, adjuvant and surfactant technology. We develop, supply and support innovative products for sustainable farming.

SACOA offers a range of products suitable for olive IPM programs:

Biopest Paraffinic Oil
Summer Insecticidal Oil
Plantocrop Spray Adjuvant

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