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FoodLab Analysers

FoodLab analysers measure the oxidisation status of edible oils and fats and determine the parameters required to establish whether edible oils have been produced and preserved correctly. The analysers use a spectrophotometric technique and a series of special reagents on micro-quantities of samples.

The FoodLab line of analysers has been developed by the Italian based CDR Mediared Group.

Range of FoodLab line of Analysers for Olive Oil

~ Olive Analyser Package
The ideal near infrared analyser package for quality analysis of olive processing products in the laboratory or at the process line. In under 30 seconds test for moisture and fat content. The Olive Analyser package comes complete with everything you need to get started.

The NIR Olive Analyser package brings together the latest SpectraStar XL NIR analyser, the right accessories and the right calibrations with performance guarantees and included support, ensuring a quick start up and long term trouble free operation.

This NIR analyser package is ISO 12099 compliant, and is ideal for analysing incoming olive paste, monitoring moisture and oil content in olive pomace, and analysing oil for acidity and other quality parameters,

~ OxiTester
Analyses olive oil to determine the Free Fatty Acid (FFA) concentration; acidity, peroxide value/ peroxides and polyphenols in olive oil.

OxiTester is also able to measure K270 values in olive oil, and can be used to identify the presence of rectified oil that may have been added to olive oil.

~ miniFood
A portable version of the OxiTester and FoodLab, ideal for on-site testing.

OxiTester offers a practical and quick solution to determining the percentage of acidity and amount of peroxides in olive oil.

It can be used to monitor the quality of olive oil in test laboratories, oil production facilities and mills. MiniFood enables the rapid assessment of quality in all olive oil production phases.
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Unity Scientific Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is a privately held company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia providing NIR Near Infrared Analyser spectroscopic solutions to corporations throughout Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

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