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GreenTech Australia - The Spray Specialists

GreenTech Australia - Spray Specialists
108-112 Wing Street
Wingfield, SA 5013

GreenTech spray systems use a unique combination of electrically driven fans, which generate higher revolutions than hydraulically driven fans, and high pressure nozzles placed in front of the fan blades to deliver optimal spray coverage for your crop.

GreenTech Systems provide the best solution for controlling pests and diseases.

The electric drive system used in a GreenTech is the most energy efficient means of creating air volume. Your tractor will use far less fuel to generate a higher volume of air, you will not risk over-heating that hydraulic systems can cause when run for long periods, you can operate higher numbers of fans from the same tractor - a limitation in hydraulic systems where power-packs are sometimes required to operate high fan numbers, and importantly, you do not risk a hydraulic oil leak contaminating your vineyard or crop as you spray.

GreenTech Australia - Spray Solution Specialists
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108-112 Wing Street
Wingfield SA 5013
GreenTech specialises in the manufacture and delivery of innovative technology for spray equipment for groves, vineyards, orchards, row cropping and other agricultural industries.

GreenTech Systems provide the best solution for controlling pests and diseases.

If you want the best spray coverage for your investment, quality protection in each and every drop you spray, and reduced costs in terms of time, labour, fuel and chemical volumes then you need to talk to GreenTech today.

Our products can be found in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and South America.

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