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Crasti & Company Pty Ltd

Crasti & Company Pty Ltd
35 Leighton Place Unit 10
Hornsby, NSW 2077

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Crasti & Company Pty Ltd is a tight knit Australian Company providing exceptional service and highly competitive prices. With over 20 years experience in the supply of FIBCs (Bulk Bags) and support from major overseas suppliers with ISO 9002 accreditation, Crasti & Company are able to supply FIBC's tailored to your specific needs.

All FIBC's supplied by Crasti & Company are tested to comply with relevant Australian and International Standards for Hazardous and Non-hazardous goods.

The samples you first see is what you get... consistently.

We believe it is extremely important that all Woven Polypropylene FIBCs are disposed of in a responsible manner and not just dumped in landfill areas. Help us to keep our environment clean for the future. Please call us and we can discuss your recycling needs.

Crasti & Company is a founding member of the AFIBCA (Australian Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association).
Crasti & Company Pty Ltd
Mark Crasti
35 Leighton Place Unit 10
Hornsby NSW 2077
Crasti & Company Pty Ltd is an Australian Company that supplies packaging, handling and storage solutions for Bulk Products.

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