Chapman River Olives

Chapman River Olives
1957 Chapman Valley Road
Yetna, WA 6532

Chapman River Olives (brand name: Chapman River) meets and exceeds the stringent standards set for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are members of a voluntary Code of Practice within the Australian Olive Association which guarantees the quality of our Australian olive oil.
The Grove

Grown in rich red valley soil our olives produce some of the best olive oils available.

Chapman River Olives is situated 26 kms NNE of Geraldton in the Mid West of WA, and 450 kms north of Perth. The olive grove is located adjacent to the Chapman River.

The river flats under the trees comprise rich red loam. The olive trees have responded well to this soil type and all varieties (mainly Queen of Spain, Kalamata, WA Mission, Frantoio, Picual, Picholine & Coratina) are laden with fruit in season.

The olive oil produced can be either robust or fruity, depending on varietal blends.

We have won medals for the oil since production began in 2005, progressing consecutively from Bronze to Silver to Gold.

Varieties include Queen of Spain, Kalamata, WA Mission, Frantoio, Picual, Picholine and Coratina.
Award Winning
Olive Oil
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Chapman River Olives
Russell Lewis
PO Box 1596
Geraldton WA 6531
Chapman River Olives Russell Lewis
The farm has been in the Lewis family since 1988. The olive trees were first planted in 1998 and have been cared for personally by the family ever since.

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