Olives WA

Olives WA
PO Box 144
South Fremantle, WA 6163

Olives WA, also known as the West Australian Olive Council Inc, is the peak body for the olive industry in Western Australia. It represents growers and producers across the state and over 1.5 million olive trees.

We play a crucial role in supporting the olive industry by:-

​. Providing a central point of contact for the industry in WA
. Advocacy on behalf of the olive industry as the peak body in the State
. Promoting WA olive industry, including through the use of social media
. Coordinating educational activities to improve quality of olive products
. Identifying and championing Research and Development priorities
. Coordinating bio-security actions when required
. Strengthening the olive industry network to contribute to a viable, sustainable olive industry in WA.

Steve Milton
e : steve.milton3@gmail.com
t : 08 9764 1092

Vice President
Isabelle Okis
e : jokis@bigpond.com

Executive Officer
Chief Steward, Perth Royal Olive Awards EVOO Competition
Karen Sanders

Joanne Bradbury
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