Rinieri ORP Pruning Head

The Olive Centre
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah, QLD 4352

Category  Grove > Pruning

This orchard pruner is suitable for maintaining pruning in olive groves. It is particularly useful for top pruning, side pruning, skirting or hedge row maintenance for SHD or HD orchards.

The heads can be configured in many different ways. The unit, which also comes with an optional hydraulic arm, will help growers to cut considerable costs whilst ramping up their efficiency.

There are many different options and units can be custom manufactured to suit specific requirements.

The frame has 4 hydraulic movements acting by a joystick and can mount 1 or 2 saw discs bars which works with branches up to Ø cm 8-10 (3-4”). The machine with 2 bars cuts the side and the top at the same time. It is supplied standard with an independent hydraulic kit with oil cooler which provides the right oil flow for the cutting bars.
The Olive Centre
Amanda Bailey
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah QLD 4352
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