Multitank - Food Grade Sustainable Bulk Container - Packing / Storing / Transporting

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Multitank is a reusable and returnable container. It is an excellent alternative to single use Bulk Packaging Containers or to those requiring a liner bag.

Multitank can be used for multiple products and for multiple times and is suitable for olives, peppers, mushrooms, artichoke, pickles, nuts, juice, milk, paste and pulp, oil, wine, detergents and much more.

Multitank is sold in over 29 countries and is the only packaging solution where you can Pack, Ferment, Store & Transport your olives or other foods.

Multitank is Stackable, Watertight and Nests.

Using Multitank
Less packaging cost over the life of the product up to 65%
Less storage space saving up to 75%
Less labour cost
You pay for the product not the packaging as the cost is quickly amortised with year on year reliability
Easier quality control and handling
No need for wooden pallets
Maximise vehicle fill resulting in the optimisation of the carried Net Drained Weight for trucks and full container loads
Highest level of safety
Less CO2 emissions
2 year warranty and 100% replacement of all parts.

2" drain valve
3 x lids
4 x label places
Optional gas relief valve
Stackable up to 3 Multitanks
Handling can be done solely by mechanical equipment
Many accessories which make Multitank suitable for different applications
Multitank Tech offers a complete line of emptying, handling & cleaning

Multitank can replace plastic and metal drums, IBC Containers, pallet boxes and carton boxes.

Prices available on request.

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