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Doubling Olive Yields Possible — Research
New Zealand olive yields can be more than doubled by using fruit tree management techniques instead of more traditional methods.
Consumers Reject EVOO Bitterness, Study Finds
Most consumers do not like bitterness in their extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and they perceive the intensity of that taste much more than experts do, according to a new study.
Australian Consumers are Increasingly Demanding with the EVOO They Buy
The consumption of olive oil has increased in the last 20 years in Australia mainly due to the increasing popularity of Mediterranean cuisine and the the health benefits of this product, which is present in approximately 65% of households.
Australian Producers Making Do Despite Bush Fires, Record Drought
In spite of a record drought and devastating bush fires, some large Australian producers are expecting close to an average production and high-quality oils in 2020.
Navigating the Changing World
More than 45 years ago, GS1 triggered the product identification digital revolution through the barcode. Today, it has the tools to support the value chain trends of tomorrow.
Obsessed with Olive Oil
Interview with Fil Bucchino on his film about EVOO and the passionate artisans that bring it to your table.
Where the World's Olives Live Side by Side
From a distance, this olive grove on the outskirts of Córdoba looks just like any other field. But it is home for more than 1,000 olive cultivars from 29 countries, from Iran to the Americas, passing through all of the Mediterranean Basin.
New Chemical Approach to Compromised EVOO
UC Davis researchers have developed a more rapid and cost-effective process to determine the reliability of a product bottled with an extra virgin olive oil label.
Drought, Not Fire, Remains the Bane of Australian Olive Growers
Australia's olive growers have mostly been spared from the wildfires that have been ravaging the country. Persistent drought, however, continues to cause concern.
Conference on Xylella fastidiosa 2019 : Presentations & Proceedings
Around 350 plant health specialists from around the world gathered in Corsica for two days of intensive discussions on how science can help find solutions to Xylella fastidiosa - here are their presentations.
An Oleologist’s Decalogue: An Interview with Nicholas Coleman, International EVOO Consultant
It is a fundamental ingredient! It’s the first thing in the pan and last on the dish. It conducts and evenly distributes heat. Olive oil connects flavours, transforms textures and delivers nutrients.
2019-20 Californian Olive Oil Harvest Looking Strong Compared to Dismal 2018-19 Crop
After a grim 2018-19 harvest due to poor weather, the 2019-20 olive oil crop in California is expected to match the ‘bumper’ harvest of 2017-18, says the California Olive Oil Council.
Geographical Indications for Food, Wine & Spirit Drinks in EU Now Available on New Public Database
Launched in April 2019, the public database 'eAmbrosia - the EU Geographical Indications registers' now includes geographical indications (GI) for agri-food products, wine and spirit drinks registered and protected in the European Union.
EVOO is Health: The 20 Discoveries made in 2019 about the Health Benefits of EVOO
An overview of major research projects published throughout 2019 finding that extra virgin olive oil is a powerful ally for good health.
Trade Tensions, Market Glut Press Upon Olive-Oil Prices
After growing steadily higher for several years, wholesale prices of extra virgin olive oil - the purest kind, typically in demand from high-end restaurants - have fallen in 2019 by a quarter in Spain and by almost a third in Italy.
New Zealand Growers More than Double Olive Production with New Techniques
Olive growers have more than doubled production after trials using new techniques, which could see the local share of the olive oil market grow to 20 percent.
Olive Oil Quality & Authenticity: Current EU Legislation, Standards, Methods of Analyses
A review of current EU legislation, standards, relevant methods of analyses, their drawbacks and recommendations for the future. Normative and standard sources for olive oil quality and purity: a global framework.
Overview of Olive Oil Production in the European Union
The European Union is the leading producer, consumer and exporter of olive oil. Since 2013, on average the EU produced 68.4%, consumed 54.2% and exported 66.9% of the world’s olive oil.
Brands Come Alive with AR Packaging
Every product manager is fighting the war-on-the-shelf these days and packaging is an extremely important aspect of retailing.
How To Survive an Increasingly Difficult China
China has become far more difficult for foreign companies. It is what we have been calling the New Normal. This New Normal extends to all foreign companies that do business in or with China.
The Sustainability of Olive Orchard Planting Management for Different Harvesting Techniques
Olive harvesting methods were assessed to identify the more sustainable solutions.
European Commission Approves Private Storage Aid for Olive Oil Sector
The European Commission has approved private storage aid for olive oil in the EU.The scheme should help alleviate the market imbalance between supply and demand, and stabilise prices.
Australian Harvest, Olive & Oil Production, Import, Export Figures to 2019
The renaissance of the Australian olive industry is entering its second decade. During the last 10 years, the Australian industry has grown solidly from a cottage industry to a technically sophisticated industry that is increasingly export focussed.
Potential of Olive Oil Tourism in Promoting Local Quality Food Products
Oleotourism offers activities based on olive groves, their history, olives and olive oil.
Research Tool Helps Validate Efficacy of Functional Foods
Developed by researchers in Germany and Australia, the Fraunhofer-Monash work flow tool identifies bioactive compounds and degradation products in food from processing through consumption to assist in the formulation of healthier and safer products.
The World’s Commercial Olive Groves Are Shrinking
The shift to super-intensive cultivation, low prices for olives and olive oil, and the surplus on the international market were identified as factors that led to the reversal of a decades-long trend.
Plant Health: EU Prioritises 20 Pests
The EU Commission lists 20 priority pests presenting the most serious economic, environmental and social impact on agriculture and forestry.
Turn Your Smartphone into a Microscope
Australian researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) have developed a 3D printable clip-on that can turn any smartphone into a fully functional microscope.
Effects of Different Organic Wastes on Soil Biochemical Properties and Yield in an Olive Grove
The research project looked at the effect of municipal solid waste, sheep manure, and green forage vermicomposts, applied during 5 consecutive years to a calcaric Cambisol soil located near Córdoba, Spain.
Better Harvests Predicted in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Tunisia
A European Commission report predicts a three-percent increase in olive oil production in the EU due to reduced pest activity and some countries entering an on-year.
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Mechanical Olive Harvesting Contractor
Renmark, SA
Mechanical Olive Harvester, Tree Shaker, Umbrella Harvester, SICMA F3(Machine) Catchment Facility, Fork Lift, Truck, Transport, Kalamata Olive Fruit Buyer.
Wingfield, SA
COSPAK is a manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality products in glass, metal, paper and flexible packaging solutions.
Cosme-Australia Stainless Steel Fabrications
Griffith, NSW
Stainless Steel Fabrications for all olive tanks and accessories.
Gallard Services - Contract Olive Tree & Grove Maintenance
Glossop, SA
Gallard Services offer pruning, hedging, mulching, spraying, skirting, GPS ground & soil preparation, orchard removal and pruning.
Waikerie Olive Grove
Waikerie, SA
Waikerie Olive Grove Farm Shop
Waikerie Olive Grove
Waikerie, SA
Waikerie Olive Grove is a 28,000 tree olive grove with a on site Farm Shop that is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
JMA Engineering ~ Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
Berri, SA
JMA Engineering specialises in engineering design, construction, manufacture and supply of stainless steel olive oil and liquid storage vessels.
Growise - Advanced Biological and Microbial Soil Health and Plant Growth Solutions
Osborne Park, WA
Growise is a progressive enterprise dedicated to providing proven and effective biological and microbial soil health and plant growth solutions.
Diana Olive Oil
Willunga, SA
Diana Olive Oil harvest, produce, process, bottle and package premium certified extra virgin olive oil, and virgin olive oil.
Wildeye ~ Soil Moisture Monitoring
National, NAT
Wildeye gives you a simple way to see what’s happening beneath the surface without getting your hands dirty.
Australian Olive Oil Association
Carlton, VIC
Our aim is to promote consumer education, international quality standards and fair competition in the Australian olive oil industry.
Olive Grove and Vineyard Removal and Re-Working
Wangaratta, VIC
Are you looking to replant with better varieties, or simply want to go back to bare ground to start again?
Linde Forklift - Hire & Sales
Wingfield, SA
Linde Material Handling is a major participant in Australia's material handling equipment industry.