Ancient Mill Discovered on Lesvos

An Ancient olive oil mill was discovered during construction work on the Thermi-Pigi-Lambou Mylon provincial road on the island of Lesvos, Greece. It was found next to a farmhouse from the 5th century AD and it was intact.

During the restoration, it was discovered that the oil mill was a part of a large complex associated with the production and utilization of the local products such as cereals, oil or wine and it was in use from the 2nd to the 6th centuries AD.

The whole work with transportation and restoration has lasted for two months before the ancient oil mill was shown to the public. The project was funded through European Structural and Investment Funds of European Union (ESPA), reminding that culture should be supported even in difficult times for the country.

“The Ancient olive oil mill was transferred unchanged. We’ve set it up again in the courtyard of the new Archaeological Museum where we did the whole restoration work, “said Paul Triantaphyllides head of the Antiquities Office of Lesvos at the July opening ceremony at Mytilene’s new Archaeological Museum. More