UC Davis Olive Center

UC Davis Olive Center
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
United States

UC Davis Olive Center

Pursue research with a fresh perspective, applying modern scientific knowledge and technology to an ancient crop

Offer independent chemical & sensory analysis, free web resources, and educational events.

Provide independent, research-based information to professional buyers and regulators to promote consumer embrace of quality.

Research, Industry and Education Achievements

~ Exposing quality problems with imported olive oil
~ Establishing a sensory laboratory
~ Documenting consumer preference for California olives
~ Reviving table olive processing research
~ Providing essential educational opportunities
~ Partnering with federal regulators
~ Pursuing mechanical harvesting research
~ Developing international partnerships

Olive Center Staff

Dan Flynn
Executive Director

Nicole Sturzenberger
Assistant Director

Selina Wang
Research Director

Jean-Xavier Guinard
Professor and Sensory Scientist, Department of Food Science & Technology
UC Davis Olive Center
Xueqi Li
One Shields Avenue
Davis CA 95616
United States

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