Sustainable Liquid Technology (SLTEC)

Sustainable Liquid Technology Pty Ltd
2055 Finlay Road
Tongala, VIC 3621

Liquid Fertilizers are widely regarded as one of the next major steps forward for Australian agriculture, providing controlled and highly targeted nutrient management. Particularly with the recent availability of multi nutrient liquid blends like SpringStart®, Green and Gro®, SprayNPK®, Sustain & Gro® and Turf & Landscape®. These products save time, reduce OH&S risks, taking crop nutrient management to a whole new level.

SLTEC Product Advantages :-

Multi nutrient liquid products are tailored for specific crop and environmental requirements

Liquid products are fully dissolved solutions (not suspensions)

High quality blend ingredients are only ever used

We can create a custom liquid blend to suit your specific crop, soil and environmental needs (minimum order of 5 T applies)

Hydroponics & specialist custom blend services can be supplied

20L, 220L, 1000L & Bulk liquid fertilizer options are available

Our bulk delivery truck system enables flexible on farm delivery options and quantities

48 Hour on farm delivery of selected blends is available

Flexible farm storage options (1,500L, 2,400 L, 5,000 L, 10,000 L, 23,000 L and 32,000L custom fertigation tanks) are available

Larger industrial storage & injection options available to suit corporate horticultural farms

Fertigation injection & agronomic support is provided

Our products are provided through our dedicated and professional dealer agronomist team
Sustainable Liquid Technology Pty Ltd
Steven Thomas
2055 Finlay Road
Tongala VIC 3621
Our firm focuses solely on the development, formulation, custom blending and on farm supply of liquid fertilizer products.

SLTEC commenced fertilizer production in the Spring of 2005 and in July 2006 completed building a world class customised bulk liquid fertilizer blending and formulations factory in Tongala, Northern Victoria.

This development marks a substantial investment in liquid fertilizer technology for the South Eastern agricultural industries, being strategically placed to efficiently access and deliver innovative liquid products and services to our selected target markets.

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