Scholefield Robinson Horticultural Services

Scholefield Robinson Horticultural Services
118A Glen Osmond Road
Parkside, SA 5063

Services include fruit quality assessment, pest and disease management, nutrition and soil analysis, review of grove financials, crop loss assessments, litigation support, grove management and due diligence reviews for corporate investors.

Range of Services
The broad and diverse skills and experience of our consultants means that Scholefield Robinson can provide you with a comprehensive range of services including:-

~ Crop nutrition and interpretation of soil and leaf analysis
~ Irrigation management services, including irrigation strategies, managing crops under reduced allocations and reviewing irrigation efficiency
~ Pest and disease management programs, spray program reviews and diagnostic services for insect, nematode or pathogen problems
~ Fruit quality assessment and benchmarking
~ Due diligence and property management reviews
~ Registration of Plant Breeders Rights (PBR)
~ Litigation assistance and loss adjustment
~ Arbitration and mediation for dispute resolution
~ Inputs to training programs
~ Contract research
~ Business planning and economic analysis

Scholefield Robinson Horticultural Services
Peter Scholefield
118A Glen Osmond Road
Parkside SA 5063
Scholefield Robinson Horticultural Services consults to a large client base across Australia and overseas. We provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of private and corporate growers, grower groups, industry bodies, project managers and developers, agribusiness, government and other professions.

We provide expert technical and management support to the viticultural and horticultural industries.

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