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Innovation in closure design is our strength combined with high quality products and services.

Tin Capsules for Olive Oil Bottles :-

~ Have a one piece design without side or top seams nor wrinkles
~ Offer a great range of design possibilities
~ Ecological, fully recyclable and use water-based paint
~ Using tin capsules in the bottling line and with capsule machines is simple and minimizes errors
~ Safety levels are very high, both for workers and for consumers since there is no risk of being cut.
~ Can include anti-falsification measures through electronic pigments

Design Options
~ Decorations with up to 6 colours matched up on the skirt
~ Printing of images and photos
~ Design through silk screened printing
~ Thickened ink
~ Veneers: applied on tin or on colour
~ Coloured relief on the top disc in up to 2 colours
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