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In fact, studies show that consumers prefer glass to any other packaging material. And for good reason — glass is recyclable, safe and preserves the taste of the food and beverages we all enjoy.

Maximize freshness, taste and versatility. O-I’s glass bottles offer unrivaled transparency and purity, with packaging options across a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors that enhance the image of olive oil.

O-I’s glass food packaging combines secure, optimum protection with compelling, beautiful design; key elements that drive consumer preference and expectations.

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O-I Glass
Sebastian Bellino
36 Burwood Road
Hawthorn VIC 3122
O-I Glass Sebastian Bellino
As the world's leading glass-packaging maker, we create beautiful, recyclable glass containers for many of the best-loved brands.

Glass is recyclable, safe and preserves the taste of the food and beverages we all enjoy.

O-I’s iconic glass containers are grounded in technical expertise and elevated by craftsmanship. Our inventive design and manufacturing capabilities set us apart as the world’s leader in glass packaging.

We recently launched Glass Is Life™, a global movement to celebrate the passion we all share for glass. The campaign shares the stories of consumers, CEOs and environmentalists who are inspired to choose glass and highlights the qualities of glass, including sustainability and quality.

Our experts imagine innovative new packaging design concepts. Our team of PhD scientists, packaging designers and manufacturing experts transform those ideas into iconic glass containers. Our latest innovations include internally embossed beer bottles and the lightest-weight wine bottles ever made.

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