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Mapleton AgriBiotec
Graham Golding
137 Obi Obi Road
Mapleton QLD 4560
Mapleton AgriBiotec Pty Ltd is committed to developing and supplying products that enhance crop growth, health and profitability.

Our lead product, TwinN, is a breakthrough source of nitrogen that is applicable to broad acre crop production systems, organic agriculture and small scale producers.

Our Company has developed TwinN, after extended research, into a high quality, freeze dried microbial inoculum that provides a solution to the increasing pressures of rising fertiliser costs and needs for increased yields. TwinN also enables producers to conveniently address environmental concerns over carbon footprints and leaching of nitrates into aquifers.

Mapleton AgriBiotec
Mapleton, QLD
Australian company producing products that enhance crop growth, health and profitability with a natural microbial inoculum.