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28 tonne, over the row olive harvester. This unique machine can harvest fully mature olive trees with up to 98% efficiency.

Boasting a massive picking area, high traction tyres and the latest electronic controls, the Colossus is a must for any large groves.

Standing at a massive 5.85m tall and weighing 28 Tonne, the Colossus XL over the row olive harvester is built in Buronga, NSW by Leda Custom Farm Equipment.

With 9 years of manufacturing and research to make this the best it can be for local conditions and much more efficient and safe than the original imported Argentinian machines.

The Maqtec has a 6.8l 6 cylinder turbo diesel John Deere engine, quality Bosch Rexroth hydraulic system and advanced electronic systems the Colossus can also be customised to suit the individual conditions of each grove, and built to withstand the tougher Australian conditions using mainly Australian made products.

Leda also service what we sell with a fully trained service team available for maintenance and pre-season servicing as well as 24hrs/7 days during harvest season for emergency breakdowns.

LEDA AG Farm Machinery & Equipment
Kevin Masterson
666 Benetook Avenue
Mildura VIC 3502
Leda AG Farm Machinery & Equipment is manufacturer of high quality and reliable agricultural equipment.

From slashers, trailers and aerators to grape and olive harvesters we can build it for you.

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