LawrieCo Biological Farming

2A Capelli Road
Wingfield, SA 5013

8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday

We are leaders in plant nutrition, working with farmers, distributors and advisors to incorporate balanced nutrition and biology into conventional and biological farming systems.

Complete nutritional packages are provided based on comprehensive testing and crop production data (yield and nutrient removal). Consideration of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of your soil and plant is essential to maximise production and profitability.

LawrieCo field consultants and agronomists provide agronomic advice and nutritional planning to farmers and distribution partners across a range of industries including: broadacre cropping, pasture, dairy, horticulture, viticulture, tree crops, turf and landscape.

We undertake ongoing research and development in advanced fertiliser and nutrient technology with a number of research partners.
Adrian Lawrie
413 Grand Junction Road
Wingfield SA 5013
LawrieCo farming systems improve soil, plant and animal health whilst working towards long term sustainability.

We introduce balanced nutrition and biology with the aim of improving soil fertility, productivity, quality of produce and profitability.

LawrieCo has developed an advanced and successful BioLogic Farming Systems (BFS) for Australian Agriculture. The LawrieCo BFS delivers practical solutions to raise profits in farming, reduce chemical and synthetic fertiliser use and build soil chemical, biological and physical fertility, including carbon.

BFS is a proven performer that can significantly sequester atmospheric greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide back into your soil producing better farm outcomes as well as a greener environment for all. Adopting BFS also leads to a significant reduction in the use of nitrogen fertilisers (between 30% and 100%). Over use of nitrogen fertiliser can contribute significantly to the emission of nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas.

BioLogic Farming Systems are firmly based in the practical application and detailed understanding of Natural Sciences. All of LawrieCo’s On-farm Programs and Products are based on sound scientific research and proven outcomes when implemented in the field. A distinguishing feature of BFS is that it provides effective programs to reduce environmental stress, disease and pests on your property.

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