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Infrared Australia Nigel Smalls
• Short-wave infrared is the most efficient method of providing comfort in small-large indoor/outdoor open spaces, for spot heating workstations, or for outdoor hospitality and al fresco areas.

• Short wave Infrared heats objects and people, is 100% safe and a natural way to provide comfort without heating the air - much more energy efficient compared to convection (air) heating and all other forms of medium and far infrared electric or gas radiant heaters.

Our products radiate sun-like warmth to indoor or outdoor spaces, objects and people, rather than heating the air. Remember the feeling of the sun on your face on a cold day? The air around you remains cold but it is infrared waves, particularly short wave infrared that travel through the vacuum to radiate off surfaces, including your body.

The reason that this is so energy efficient is that unlike convection heating, there is no heat lost to the air, except through re-radiation off surfaces, whether this is the ground, a building, furniture or a person.

With convection air heating, including many other radiant infrared heaters, because hot air rises, upper levels are always the hottest and the floor level is the coldest. With short wave infrared it is the opposite as a roof space only receives secondary re-radiated heat.

The halogen-tungsten heat emitters on these short wave heaters are 92%+ efficient and ideal for any large 'hard to heat' area such as a cellar door, the winery, bottling hall, grape receival area, for spot heating such as individual work spaces or corridors, or for any commercial or residential outdoor area. Any other form of heating in these situations is wasting some degree of energy. Our heaters can be left out in the weather and will function even when it is wet.

Short wave infrared heating is an experiential feel. It really has an instant - within 1 second to full power - WOW factor that no other heater can match.

Infrared Australia heaters cannot be beaten for heating outdoor or ‘impossible to heat’ spaces.

Short wave infrared heaters are affordable to buy as well to run.

We have further options suitable for selected environments, such as horticulture, warehousing, or for process heating.
Please visit our website for full pricing, details and range/accessory options.

Should you have a question or for general advice, please contact us for an open conversation.

Infrared Australia is a brand of SBH Solutions, a company dedicated to improving the efficiency of energy usage of Australian companies.

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Short Wave Infrared heats objects and people, is 100% safe and a natural way to provide comfort without heating the air - much more energy efficient.