Hawk Bird Scarer

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What is The Hawk Bird Scarer?

The Hawk Bird Scarer is a full size imitation hawk. It is moulded from tough weather-proof plastic with imitation feathered wing tips that flap when the bird is suspended.
Movement of the bird and wing tips is very realistic, resembling a hawk hovering over its prey.

Birds will always attack the edge of an olive grove. They start working from an outside row moving in row by row. Therefore by protecting the perimeter of the crop you can save the entire block. Cockatoo's will usually come to a nearby tree adjacent to the block and the scout bird will fly in to taste the crop. It will then call the flock in while the scout bird flies back up into a tree to keep lookout for approaching danger. They like olive trees because they can sharpen and hone their beak on the soft timber. Their beaks never stop growing throughout their life and so need to be maintained by chewing softer wood.

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You will be interested to know that this simple device was originally invented to scare seagulls and cormorants (shags) off boats, yachts and wharves. Being so successful, it was quickly applied to horticulture.

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Tisara Australia
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175 Swan Street
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Many olive growers are now using Hawks to solve their bird problems. They have been using Hawks for a number of years to scare Cockies and other birds from their mature trees.

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