Fulfilment by Amazon launches for Australian Businesses

The thousands of businesses registered to sell on Amazon’s Australian Marketplace can now access Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

Businesses can now benefit from Amazon’s logistics capabilities, helping them quickly and efficiently reach customers across Australia.

Businesses simply send the products they wish to ship through FBA to Amazon’s fulfilment centre and when a customer places an order, Amazon will pick, pack and ship the product on behalf of the business. This saves valuable time and money for businesses as they will no longer need to individually purchase shipping materials, individually pack orders, and make multiple trips to the post office.

Businesses that participate in FBA also benefit from Amazon’s customer service. Amazon will handle all customer returns, saving businesses time and providing a great customer experience. By harnessing FBA, businesses of all sizes, or even individuals selling out of their home, can benefit from world-leading logistics and fulfilment services that would otherwise only be possible for well-established companies.

“Size doesn’t matter in the digital economy and Amazon Marketplace helps to level the playing field when it comes to starting or growing a business,” said Amit Mahto, Head of FBA in Australia. More