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Cradle Coast Olives
Helen Huang
PO Box 307
Ulverstone TAS 7315
Cradle Coast Olives grows, processes and produces of premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from 5 traditional varieties of trees, each perfectly suited to the cool climate and volcanic soil of north-western Tasmania.

Varieties are Sevillano and Manzanillo, Paragon, Verdale and Californian Queen – a hybrid which has only 4% yield but is of outstanding quality.

The international standard for extra virgin olive oil is less than 0.8% free fatty acid level. The extra virgin olive oil from Cradle Coast Olives has been tested at less than 0.1% free fatty acid level.

This is a world-ranking, high standard for quality, and significantly exceeds the nutritional rating of brand-name olive oils found on supermarket shelves.

Cradle Coast Olives
Abbotsham, TAS
Cradle Coast Olives grow, process and produce premium certified extra virgin olive oil.