Conference on Xylella fastidiosa 2019 : Presentations & Proceedings

Around 350 plant health specialists from around the world gathered in Corsica for two days of intensive discussions on how science can help find solutions to Xylella fastidiosa, the plant pest that is causing environmental and economic damage across Europe.

The latest findings from European research projects dealing with X. fastidiosa were presented, in particular the results of the Horizon 2020 POnTE project. The conference was also an opportunity for participants to catch up on the latest advances and achievements of other national and transnational research activities being conducted worldwide, and to discuss ways of strengthening coordination and synergies.

The programme included presentations and discussions on the latest data and insights on X. fastidiosa, its host plants and vectors and control options. 


Program Sessions

Biology and Pathogenicity I

Vectors I


Ecology, Epidemiology and Modelling

Vectors II

Risk and Impact Assessment


Biology and Pathogenicity II

Sustainable Control Measures

What Achievements and New Research Targets for Control of X. fastidiosa?

Presentations plus edited video highlights from the conference are now available for your perusal here.