Pouro Bottle Pourer ~ Twist to open, Twist to close

The Olive Centre
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah, QLD 4352


The Pouro makes it easy to store and pour your oils, vinegars and salad dressings. 
How to Install 
Simply pop the Pouro onto the top of any standard-sized bottle for a smooth and spill-free pouring. 
Using Pouro
Simply twist the Pouro closed, for an airtight seal that reduces assist oxygen transfer into the bottle.
Made from a durable plastic material, the Pouro is dishwasher-safe & BPA FREE.

The Pouro is the perfect way to keep your oils and vinegars fresher, longer, while making spills a thing of the past.
The Olive Centre
Amanda Bailey
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah QLD 4352
The Olive Centre is the leading supplier of the latest range of olive and olive oil equipment and machinery to olive growers, olive groves and to the olive industry in Australia.

We also offer professional technical advice and services to growers, harvesters and processors.

The Olive Centre is the organizer of the biannual Olive Exposium, Australia's premier trade industry conference and supplier exhibition for the olive industry.

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