Olive Analyser Series 1000 'Rapid & Accurate' - KANITS1000

The Olive Centre
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Category  Laboratory

Suitable for Olive & Oil samples.

Why Analyse?
Test your fruit's oil and moisture content to help determine the best time to harvest.
Test the oil and moisture content of your waste pomace to help assess the efficiency of your machinery and oil production process.
Assess the FFA and PV of your olive oil to provide an indication of quality.

The Series 1000 is part of a range of Infrared Transmission analysers designed for specific end user applications, i.e., Olive analyser, Alcohon analyser, Moisture analyser & Fat and Moisture analyser. The S1000 Analysers scan from 720 - 1100 nm using a diode array spectometer but with different sampling systems to suit different applications.

The Series 1000 Olive Analyser
Uses a Sample Transport Module to present either a large are Squeeze Cell for mashed olive or pomace or a liquid cell for finished oil. Either sample cell is placed into the Sample Transport module where the cell is lowered into the light beam. Typically 10 scans of olives and pomace are collected and averaged in less than 60 seconds, where as 5 scans of oil are collected and averaged in 30 seconds. Two parameters, i.e. oil and moisture of FFA and PV are displayed on the screen. the Series 1000 Analysers are extremely easy to use with only 4 operational keys. Up to 6 product calibrations can be stored in the instrument. An optional NTAS (Near Infrared Technology Analysis Software) is available whereby the Series 1000 can be interfaced to a PC for data storage and plotting.
The Olive Centre
Amanda Bailey
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah QLD 4352
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