Olive Analyser Multiscan Series 3000X - KANITS1000

The Olive Centre
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Category  Laboratory

Suitable for Olive & Oil samples.

Australian Designed and Manufactured Series 3000X (previously known as S1000)

Why Analyse?
. Test your fruit's oil and moisture content to help determine the best time to harvest.
. Test the oil and moisture content of your waste pomace to help assess the efficiency of your machinery and oil production process.
. Assess the FFA and PV of your olive oil to provide an indication of quality.

The Series 3000X Analyser is a Near Infrared Transmission analyser designed for specific end-user applications, ie. Moisture and Fat in foods, oil seeds or dairy products. The Series 3000X Analyser scans from 720 to 1100nm using a diode array spectrometer but with different sampling systems to suit different applications.

The 3000X Moisture Analyser uses a 5mm thick powder cell for measuring moisture inhomogeneous samples such as ground grains, flour, chemicals, powders.

The 3000X Fat and Moisture Analyser uses the 10mm thick squeeze cell or 10mm liquid sample to measures components in cheese, milk, cream, yogurt, etcetera.

The Series 3000x Analyser incorporates a touch screen tablet PC. It is simple to operate and includes an Auto-calibration function. NTAS software is available for calibration development.
The Olive Centre
Amanda Bailey
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah QLD 4352
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