OLIMAKER Professional Olive Oil Processing Machine for Home and Grove

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From tree to table…Harvest your own olive trees and process your own extra virgin olive oil with OLIMAKER©.

Now there is a home processing unit to make fresh olive oil from olives freshly picked from your garden trees and grove.

A new era in olive oil processing has just arrived. Now it is possible to process extra virgin olive oil at home with your own OLIMAKER©.

OLIMAKER© is the name of an industrial and domestic micro-processing machine capable of continuously and automatically integrating all the processes necessary to obtain quality cold-extracted extra virgin olive oil.

Its patented technology allows good olive fruit for oil to be transformed in just 30 minutes into delicious high-quality olive oil ready to consume, whether on toast, salads, or accompanying any food.

OLIMAKER© performs all the functions of processing which includes crushing / milling, malaxation, and separation or centrifugation whilst delivering fresh olive oil at the front of the machine.

Thanks to its great versatility, you can produce your own extra virgin olive oil, choosing from a range of possibilities (monovarietal, blends, premium oils, organic…) with multiple applications (gastronomy, cosmetics, health…).

OLIMAKER© accepts 3kgs of olives and a normal batch processing takes 3 minutes crushing / 40-50 minutes malaxing / 1-2 minutes centrifuge. In each cycle the machine calibrates itself. There is no need to add water to the pomace. The pomace can be recycled back into the grove.

Commercial growers and producers can now have a better handle on yield from olives before commencing harvest.

Check ripeness of olives before harvesting fruit for processing.

Check the quality of the oil before harvesting fruit with an affordable and professional machine.

Conduct tastings of olive oil varietal styles for consumers.

Learn about variability in oil with the ability to vary paste fineness with the various grid sizes available, malaxing temperatures and duration.

Makes a perfect addition to a laboratory.

Test olives before buying bulk fruit for processing.

Test new blends of olives before conducting commercial processing.

Take OLIMAKER© into your garden / grove for processing amongst the trees with family and friends or visitors to your olive grove - you can connect this machine to a car battery.

NOTE **Available for supply and delivery to Australia and New Zealand only.**

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