Fiorentina Olive Oil Bottle from Europe

The Olive Centre
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah, QLD 4352


Quality Fiorentina bottles from Europe.

Fiorentina bottles from Europe have been in high demand.

The Olive Centre is bulk shipping these bottles with a screw neck or in a DOP style. These bottles have a square bottom and a round shape just below the neck.

The Olive Centre endeavours to have the best price for these high-quality bottles available to you at shipping rates. Many growers so far have said our prices are very competitive.
The Olive Centre
Amanda Bailey
74 Castle Road
Cabarlah QLD 4352
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We also offer professional technical advice and services to growers, harvesters and processors.

The Olive Centre is the organizer of the biannual Olive Exposium, Australia's premier trade industry conference and supplier exhibition for the olive industry.

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