Electrocoup F3020 Infaco's Electric Pruner Shea ~ Wireless

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Best Online Price and includes Delivery within Australia 

Infaco’s kit includes 48V Battery, Vest and Charger. 

You can also opt for Medium Blade instead of standard blade as an optional extra.

This is the only electronic pruning tool available with an interchangeable cutting head and award winning safety cutting system.

The F3020 brings significant improvements in ergonomic and technical design - the unit is 12% lighter, 15% more compact and easier to handle than the previous models. While looking similar, beneath the covers lie major advancements in technology that makes it 20% more powerful and 15% faster.
Interchangable - Which kit for which job?
Simply change the cutting head according to your requirements Kits are available and are not included in the standard unit :-

F3020 Standard head is usually fitted, however, we can quote you with the medium head fitted as new.  The standard head has a cutting capacity up to 40mm whilst the medium head has a cutting capacity up to 45mm.
Other Kits Available are: - 

Light Kit
Specially designed for use with wood of small diameter.  This kit offers better penetrations thanks to its small cutting head.  In addition, it offers the advantage of reducing the overall unit weight by 20g.  Use on wood up to 35mm.

Medium Kit
Increase the cutting capacity of your tool thanks to the medium kit designed for horticulture, forestry work and parkland.   Use on wood of up to 45mm.

Maxi Kit
Perfect for cutting back vines before top grafting operations.  It is also an essential tool for tree lopping and all pruning operations in Parkland.  This kit will give your F3020 unrivalled cutting capacity.  Use on wood up to 55mm.

New and Improved Features

Ergonomic design - easy to handle 
Compact - decrease in length by 10mm 
Increased Speed  
Increased Power  
Lightweight Battery
Technological and connected
Upcoming Bluetooth capability with efficiency reporting
Wireless DSES included standard
New Shear Holder

Charger 36V

You can now charge the battery installed on the vest (no need to remove).  The battery is charged using a cable that directly connects the charger to the battery.

The F3020 lithium battery charger makes it possible to get a 90% charge in one and a half hours. Full charge in just 2h which includes cell balancing.

Battery Winterisation Mode

‘Long Life’ wintering mode is used to switch the battery for the purpose of long-term storage and optimises service life.

Recharging is no longer required during the off-season. Just press the winterisation button at the end of the pruning season, operate the charger for a few hours and store the battery for your pruning gear in the case till next needed.


12 months (3 years for the gear motor, the aluminum body has a lifetime guarantee)
Up to 3 full seasons are guaranteed if the first 2 set price services are completed.
The guarantee extension applies to all the F3020* parts, including the motor, gear motor, electronics board, battery and charger.
*Excluding wear parts.
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