Olive Oil Producers in Spain Call for Self-Regulation

Producers want to work with the entire sector to regulate the supply of olive oil on the market in order to minimize price fluctuations.


Spanish olive oil producers are calling on local and national authorities to allow the sector to self-regulate.

The move would allow producers to sell their oil at specific moments in order to ensure the stability of the olive oil supply and prices on the market.

“Self-regulation is a fundamental issue for the future of this sector,” said Juan Luis Ávila, the president of the Union of Farmers and Ranchers in Andalucía (COAG). “The best way to carry it out is through an extension of the norm, which is mandatory for everyone.”

The interprofessional norm is a set of regulations drafted and agreed to by olive farmers; industrial millers; olive oil producers, packers and wholesalers; and cooperatives.

Cristóbal Cano, the secretary general of the Union for Small Farmers (UPA) in Jaén, said that the extension of the norm would need the support of all the aforementioned groups in order to come into force. He believes that the olive sector is mature enough to self-regulate properly.

The European Union has previously opposed unions, such as COAG and UPA, from self-regulating because it could negatively influence supply and demand for oil. More