Food Innovation Australia Ltd ~ FIAL

Food Innovation Australia Ltd ~ FIAL
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FIAL was established to strengthen commercially driven collaboration and innovation in the Australian food and beverage industry. We are industry led and take a collective approach to ensure productivity, profitability and resilience in our food and beverage sector.

We work on a national level to create new information, tools and connections by leveraging existing information, research and other capabilities and resources across the country to enable organisations to invest, innovate and grow.

As a government-funded initiative, FIAL’s focus is on new opportunities that centre on building the resilience of the industry and our comparative advantage in niche targeted markets overseas.

We liaise with stakeholders across the value chain from agribusinesses to research organisations, universities, associations, networks and private enterprise to collectively grow a sustainable industry.

By working together, we have the opportunity to create an environment that encourages risk taking and creativity in market-insight driven new products and services to improve business viability and ultimately increase Australian jobs.

The Export Market Insight (EMI) database provides access to
market data and information and insights, which aid decisions
relating to food products and Asian target markets.

Exporters can use the database to find detailed information on market shares, trends and forecasts for food products in Asia. Reports on competing countries, economic, demographic and market characteristics and top Asian supermarket products and prices help are designed to help companies with their pricing strategies.

The FIAL eCatalogue is an online searchable tool developed for registered international buyers and distributors to source Australian export ready suppliers across all food and beverage supermarket categories.

The eCatalogue is a sourcing tool that facilitates the highly successful FIAL Inbound and Outbound Trade Mission program. Buyers must register and suppliers must be profiled to be part of this program.

The eCatalogue is a ‘live’ tool that provides buyer feedback to suppliers on their unique selling proposition, product range and website.

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Food Innovation Australia Ltd ~ FIAL
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