Australian and New Zealand Olive Oil Tasters Included on International Register

International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes welcomes four new Associate Savantes following the Savantes Programme and Review in Melbourne, Australia. Monica van Riet, Sarah Asciutto, Ruth Leaf-Wright and Leonard Bettio all achieved the score required for Associate with Monica van Riet coming within one point of achieving full Savante status.

International Savantes is a worldwide programme which provides professional development for all those involved in the olive oil industry. The emphasis is on developing practical tasting skills to enhance quality control and commercial success.

The programme reviews tasting competency and knowledge through the Savantes Review series of taste tests. Those receiving 60% are certified as Associates and those receiving 80% become Savantes, full members of the Savantes Register.

Currently there are 3 Savantes worldwide and 66 Associates covering Spain, France, Holland, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Ruth Leaf-Wright becomes the second Associate from New Zealand.

Monica van Riet and Sarah Asciutto are the first from South Australia and Leonard Bettio the first from New South Wales.

The standard of tasting in Melbourne was one of the highest in recent Australian programmes. Participation included producers, importers and distributors.

Savantes thanks the producers from regions all over the world who provided olive oils for tasting.


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