Olive Packaging for Gino’s Garden Olive Oil

Once a year, Gino Haddad picks a tiny portion of olives from his groves in the Rihaneh segment of Lebanon. Any collection goes from margin to cold-press within 6 hours of selection, ensuring the finest quality of olive oil from the grove.
In order to reflect the organic approach and limited production, a custom made bottle was specially designed to portray the uniqueness of Gino’s olive oil. A small piece of art and not just another bottle. 
Two different types of uneven olive shaped bottles were drawn, using mathematical techniques to calculate the irregular shape and volume.
The ceramic bottles were brought to life by the skillful hands of Stelios Laskaris, in black gloss and green matte glaze finishes.
Both designs are constructed in Greece by ceramicist Stelios Laskaris. 
Designed in Cyprus, produced in Greece and enjoyed in Lebanon.
Design: Marios Karystios
Ceramicist : Stelios Laskaris
Math Volumetric Calculation: Christina Laouri
Printing House: Lefteris Kontorousis
Photography: Roger Moukarzel